Friday, February 22, 2013

蛇年初七 :: 人日

Reached our uncle's house quite late cos it suddenly rain super heavily, so paiseh cos everyone was waiting for us to lo-hei (again). Standard one, must 捞 two times with them every year, i don't understand why either.

Raeann didn't go cos she went to Angeline's (cousin's gf) 21st with my cousins at Downtown East. ZY didn't wanna go cos he think it's too far and it's so difficult to find carpark there, he's the one driving so he decide. Anyway, i passed her an angbao the day before and sent a representative there, so i'm less guilty in a way. 

They prepared a table of food + steamboat & bbq! Wooohooo! 

(See! EAT AGAIN LAH! But i didn't eat much cos erm, there's no chilli and the food tasted rather bland. My uncle's family eat very healthily one lor! Little fried, many steam! Wah, i cannot!)

Again, they prepared everything from scratch. 

She seems to be always ready for my camera. Sometimes, i really don't wish to take her face...

2 months+ apart. 

My cousins! The pics turned out so dark without flash (cos they don't want), i had to brighten them!

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