Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Pretty busy for the whole of this week, has been crazily rushing in and out of the office, not to mention those spring cleaning. Just cleared one huge amount of rubbish from my work desk. And i bought a new chair to replace my 8-9 yr old chair...

Freaking cheap, $60+ with free delivery.
Don't know why there are soooooo many things to do before CNY leh! Clean & clean, pack & pack, throw & throw, buy & buy, and the cycle continues, like forever cannot finish.
Oh ya, the husband gave me, Raeann and Raechelle $100 each to buy new clothes (first time sia). HAHA, not alot but better than nothing. Yeap, i'm the one paying for all their clothes and shoes. They have plenty but i still wanna buy moreee... GIRLS, how pretty their clothes & shoes can be!!!
Both my girls have good size; not too fat, not too skinny and they look nice in all sort of clothings! Just too bad Raeann dislikes wearing dresses cos i'm sure she will look pretty in dresses!  
By the way, Raeann is very scare of getting FAT becos i always remind her that it's not easy to slim down. Eat, of cos must eat, but not overeat and thank god, we don't have any supper habit. My kids sleep early! She's 6 already, not "small" anymore. I don't want her to eat and eat until fatty bom bom then regret later. (I need not worry about her not eating becos she's those hor, when she's hungry, she MUST eat and she will ask for rice & meat!)
Okay, need to get out of the office again. BYE!
P/S : #CandyCrush, am stuck at level 213 for a long long time liao. Not much time to play and it's so difficult, wonder how two of my friends completed it?!

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