Friday, February 8, 2013


Wah seh, i'm very very very tired. Luckily i cleaned my whole office yesterday (nails abit chui from cleaning the glass door with newspaper, sad!) and can have a little break today. But i think i need to send my dad to Geylang to 送年 later! :( Driving and driving around made me sooooo sleepy. But i hope i did help to ease some of my mum's loads this year!

Sneaked out when the kiddos were sleeping for midnight shopping with thy family last night!
(Actually, not really "sneak out" cos Raeann was still awake when i left the house. She still say good night and bid byebye to me!)
ZY wanna buy this for me as Valentine's day present, hahaha! Seriously, i don't mind lah but i want the peanut butter flavor leh! Whole NTUC don't have lor!
Aunties choosing rice...
Rice promotor!
HAHA, all crazy over Candy Crush!
Home with 2 FULL trolleys and damage about $500+. One trolley lesser than last year becos we've ordered all the drinks and bought alot of CNY goodies already... Tired die all of us!
Raeann's having CNY celebration in school today and this is how i dressed her up!
Pretty?? Many said she 越大越漂亮, lolol! Thank you, thank you! Guess she's in good mood today cos she wanted to wear this dress herself! Wanted to tie her hair but it's still wet so she suggested wearing hairband. Meimei has the same dress too but a tad too big for her. Wanna sell away, anyone interested? $18.00 mailed.
Have fun, my dear! :)
I was telling Raeann that all her classmates wear till so pretty. Then she asked, "我比较美, 还是她们比较美?" I told her, "都很美. 不要跟别人比, 人比人气死人."


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