Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy eat Snake Year

Hello everyone, i'm backie!!! Miss me??? LOL

Happy CNY to everyone here!

Wah seh, i'm sorting out ALL the pics for the past 5 days, didn't know i took SO MANY lor. Really exhausted after 5 days of entertaining and eating, could barely open my eyes this morning. 

The Snake year has so far been good, except that i heard some JOKES. 

One of the lamest is, someone actually think that i'm so honored to share the same surname as her cos she's ashamed!


I should be more ashamed becos people might think i'm as hypocritical as her, gosh! 

Oh, and i don't make use of others to get what i want. 

(Just like how you made use of me to get back at your friend, no? Who's the one who cropped FF eyes and kept asking me to post on my blog? I didn't, cos i know how to leave mercy for others. And who's the one who kept urging me to blog about the email? Who's the one behind everything?)

You can hate me, for all i care. You can tell every common friends about how bad/stupid/fucked up i am to make them hate me as well, i don't care either. But please don't twist the stories and make it as though i'm the one fabricating tales, becos I DID NOT. I'm not so free (like you) to fabricate tales, REMEMBER IT and tell everyone about it. 

Really lor, women MUST work, if not will be imbalance. 

Alright, enough of this kind of people. 

This year, i will be very lucky, i'm sure. 

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