Saturday, February 16, 2013

I buy but he pay!

Has been wanting to get a gold watch but kept contemplating cos I'm actually quite stingy on myself. Unless I'm being upset very badly, then I'd make impulse expensive purchases. Bad habit!! But luckily I see very open now so not much issues can really upset me badly. Maybe that's why I can have savings now!!!

So yesterday noon, I was telling my mum this plan, about telling ZY that I wanted to buy a gold watch, can he buy for me as Valentine's Day gift... And in the evening when I saw him, I tried my luck!

To my surprise, he said, "okay, cheap cheap only, can". HAHAHAHA

In fact, I've already aimed for one and went to see a few times already, lolol. And thank my lucky star, they have ready stock (cos that time they told me need to pre-order), we bought it off the shelf on the spot!

Dang dang dang!!!
Wanted another design but ZY and the saleman said this looks better, more 耐看 but more expensive also. Well, i quite like this too! =D

The husband isn't those romantic sort of guy whom will give me surprises and he said there's no need to be romantic anymore cos we are not lover. So over the years, I've learnt to accept this fact and learnt how to ASK for stuffs. If I'm lucky, he will pay. If not, then I pay myself lor!

Of cos, I knew he wouldn't buy expensive stuffs for me like branded bags so I need not waste my energy to ask. But those cheap stuffs, I can try my luck!

Then again, it's not that I cannot afford it, but the feeling of receiving presents is shiok de lor!

Just one word, "爽"! HAHAHAHA 

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