Monday, February 4, 2013

Infinity Projects

Date: 1st February 2013, Friday
Venue: Hotel Inter-Continental

Note : Aiyo, i don't know where i put my camera, some pictures are inside!!! Cos Xuan Xuan always love to take my camera and play, so i've to hide it. But now, i forgot where i've hidden it! :( I'll add in more pictures when i found it. I think ZY is blind, the camera SO BIG on my table, he said cannot find! -.-

We were invited to sgCarMart Annual Award 2012/13 ceremony last Friday! Why?

Infinity Projects won the Star Merchant 2013 award for Bodykits & Parts!

Guess it's time to announce this... The husband is one of the humble small shareholder of Infinity Projects! And he was being sent to go up the stage to receive this award and so, he pestered all of us to go.

In fact, i was being "cheated" to go cos he told me international buffet will be served. Being a glutton me and also wanna give support to him since it's the first time he gonna go up the stage to receive an award, i went with him and Raeann.

Told him that usually this kind of event, there won't be kids around, he insisted that it's okay and he wanna bring meimei along as well. Luckily i was smart enough to insist not to bring meimei becos i cannot imagine myself dressing up, wearing heels and playing catching with meimei there.

True enough, Raeann was the ONLY kid there... But she was well-behaved, so still okay. Not i wanna boast, but Raeann is usually well-behaved when she's outside. She's only stubborn and mischievous at home, sometimes. Which is why the teachers are always full of praise of her during every parents meeting session. It's not a hassle bringing her out becos she's independent enough.

And one thing for sure, she's very filial to me, now. I won't know about the future though.

Food that was served. Was quite disappointed.

 Machiam Star Award sia.

Infinity Projects was one of the first few that received the award so for the rest of the event, it was so boring and we were so hungry. Kept asking ZY what time can we leave but he insisted to wait for the lucky draw. Oh yeah, there was a lucky draw for 10 lucky winners.

I told him, "so easy to win meh?". But many people left before the lucky draw and those not around will not get the prize. Their prizes are okay, not bad. Raeann was hoping to get an iPad Mini which is the 5th to 10th prize.

We did not win any iPad Mini but we won the first prize instead!!! Lucky shit! Hahaha!

2nd time go up the stage, LOL!

Guess what is the first prize? A goodie bag is given to every guest upon leaving!

This lor! See the shape, i already know what issit before they announced!

Becos of this, ZY pestered me WHOLE night, wanted to change away the TV inside the room. You know, my room now, is SO FUCKING CRAMP till there is almost no space to walk already.

He said he's best at pestering people and i TOTALLY AGREE! Wah lau, reminded me of last time when i rejected to be his gf so many times. But i let him 烦 until i buay tahan then i agreed. Yes man, i super buay tahan let people 烦 one.

Then he said, "现在你有多一个大烦和小烦". And i said, "Hanor, 还有你这个老烦, 我这一生中注定给你们三个烦!".

I'm more of the cool kind cos i don't like to 烦 people. Usually i'll ask once, if he/she say no, i'll not ask again. Honestly, i still don't know if meimei belongs to the 烦 clan anot, but i hope NOT!

Things inside the goodie bag with some brochures, catalogues and books.

Alright, now, some introduction about Infinity Projects!

Infinity Projects offers a wide range of bodykits at your selection. With over 10 years of experience in handling cars, they are also able to handle all cosmetic enhancements like LED, Angel Eyes, Side Markers, Pedals, Emblems, etc. Bodykits made out from PP/PU/ABS materials and are matched to designs like Rieger, AC Schnitzer and BRABUS.

1 Bukit Batok Crescent WCEGA Plaza #04-03 WCEGA Car Mart S(658064)


  1. Lolz! U didn't win the iPad mini but u won the first prize. Haha! Soooo lucky!

    1. Frankly speaking, we didn't want the TV leh. I jitao sian 1/2 when they announced that the first prize is a TV, i'd rather get the 2nd prize which is $500 Capital Land cash voucher.

  2. Understand! If it was me,I oso wan the mini or voucher rather than having Another tv at hm lo. Lolz


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