Sunday, February 24, 2013

iPhone 5

Suddenly, out of the blue, I'm being upgraded to an iPhone 5, without having to do anything (like transferring datas) or paying a single cent.

My hor sin (housefly) husband did everything for me. Becos he's the one forcing me to change despite me saying "I don't wanna change" for the whole day.

He can scold, nag & pester me for the whole day just becos I don't wanna change, as my 4S is still working fine and I hate changing phone cos it's so troublesome!

So he offered to do everything for me and gave his 32gb to me (he will use the 16gb instead), just to make me change my phone, why got such people one? Don't wanna change got wrong meh?

His way of "doting me" is, flooding me with tons of gadgets which I'm not very interested. He just bought an iPad as well.

The thing about him is, he love wasting money on gadgets, but he will throw it aside after one month. My room is filled with gadgets, lying around. Had a hard time searching for his Tab 2 last night becos the kids dumped it inside the clothes basket (for months already I think) and he don't bother at all.

Honestly, I don't really fancy iP5 after testing out the camera that time. But cos I'm not a gadget person, the husband is always the one deciding for me. I can make do with any phones which can call, surf net & take nice pictures! Haha that's my "basic" requirements. Other than that, I don't bother.

Shit, I've to let him sell away my 4S, got feeling liao leh... :(

Already sold. I'll miss you, 4S!

Aiya, I think I know why he forced me to change iPhone 5...

Cos he wanna have couple phone with me lah!!!
He fixed the screen protector, casing & home button sticker for me. How nice right? Hahaha! Okay lah, this phone, don't really like the front camera though...
Off to bed now. Will blog about the dinner with Vic Vic (just now) tomorrow! So happy that she's gonna stay in SG for good now!!!

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