Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Dad

Just done with the "once a year" gathering at my uncle's place, my dad's brother. Happy cos I get to play mahjong after so long! Sad cos I'm the only loser! But still feel happy to see all my cousins & their little kids.

Well, we only get to meet twice a year; 初二 at my place, another day of CNY at my uncle's.

By right, we should gather around with them more often cos we have an 80+ year old grandma around. But by left, I feel that we can't be blamed for not being that close to them. Cos, my dad, is not close with them either. Since young, we only met them once a year. Only in the recent years, then become twice.

My dad has a very sad childhood, which moulded him into what he is today, weird + unreasonable + bad temper.

He was being abused (I heard my grandma threw chopper at him & tried to drown him) & chased out when he was around 7-8 years old. At sucha young age, he already started working & often got bullied by others.

I wasn't born well off. What I have today is the toil and sweat of my parents. Which is why I love & respect them alot. And I'll do what I can to make them happy, to the extend of sacrificing my own happiness.

My dad is weird & unreasonable most of the time, and he always scold & use vulgarities on us. But I cannot deny the fact that he worked very hard, to let us have a better life.

Which is why he hates people who are NUA, he hates people who has the ability but refused to work hard & he sets a high standard on us.

So if we are not up to his standard, we will get aimed and targeted by him. That's what happens to my siblings. I'm lucky cos after I have kids, he don't scold me that often anymore.

They said he dotes on me the most, which I somehow agree but I guess it's cos I didn't do anything to provoke him? And I know how to SIAM, hahaha! When he nags, I just pretend not to hear and don't reply him, lolol!

No matter what, I'm still very grateful to him and my mum, for everything I've today.


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