Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some happy news!

I've been wanting to blog about these but erm, hesistating, cos it's not 100% confirmed yet. But you see, i'm one who cannot hide my happiness, excitement nor anger. (I'll not pretend to be nice to you if i don't like you.) I'm good at keeping secrets though! =P

May this blog be my wishing well, i wish and pray for everything to fall in place smoothly. Really thankful for the opportunity & everything! =)

1) One Danga

Invested in our first condo! =D 

P/S : Me and ZY paid 50% each.  

Actually, we've already made the deposit and signed the agreement on 18th Jan 2013. Keeping my fingers crossed, i hope the loan will be approved! *pray*

2) Celine

Officially owned one on 19th Feb 2013. 

No, no one and nothing agitates me. This is just one of my 2013 resolutions! 

P/S : Hahahaha, ZY don't know about this bag yet, even though i've been carrying it around!

3) Beautilicious Seoul

Booked our 6D4N Korea - Seoul (semi) Tour on 19th Feb 2013 as well, at an unbelievable price!

Keeping my fingers crossed again, i hope i'll receive some good news on the 10th March 2013!!!

In one day, i fulfilled two of my 2013 resolutions! What a great day! =D

P/S : Heart pain, yes! But i can proudly say that i paid everything with my own hard earned money!!! Does anyone knows that kind of 满足感? I guess i'm in another stage of my life, where men, romance, love, flowers or alcohol doesn't arouse me anymore!


  1. so this is reali the trip that you only going wif your friend? so nice lei...envy envy envy

  2. i thought u both applied flat? still can buy condo?


  3. What size is your celine luggage tote? And can i know the price?

    Thank you!


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