Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vita Green Lingzhi

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Few nights ago, when ZY saw this box on my table, he goes, "wah, rich". I was surprised that he knew it's good stuff. I asked him, "you know what is this meh?". And he said a few of his close friends are taking Lingzhi supplement and they told him it's good, so he knows lor.

Then i asked him another super lame question, "eat liao will put on weight anot?". He said, "ya ya ya, if you don't want, i can help you to eat".

He's joking with me! Consuming Lingzhi supplement will not put on weight at all. He just wanna scare me so i'll give the whole box to him, lolol! 

Well, i'm indeed lucky to get sponsored, try and share with you guys the benefits of Lingzhi. Frankly speaking, before this sponsorship, i've heard of Lingzhi but i don't know what is it and what is it for. And i doubt i'll go and find out more about it as well. Thanks to this sponsorship, i gained new knowledge overnight! =D

So, what is Lingzhi?

Lingzhi (Reishi) is the rarest and most precious of Chinese medicinal herbs, renowned for its superb healing powers and free from side effects. Lingzhi has long been prized for its ability to strengthen the heart, boost energy, improve memory, refine the complexion, promote good circulation, restore health and lead to longevity. 

Hmm... If Lingzhi is so good, then Vita Green Lingzhi must be very 'tok gong' (best) becos it is made of up 6 different colors of Lingzhi. Each color serves different functions and benefits.
  • White for lungs
  • Green for liver and eyes
  • Black for brain and kidney
  • Violet for replenish vital energy
  • Red for joint, skin and heart
  • Yellow for spleen and intestines

OMG, i need to show you guys this! Read the circled, "SLOWS DOWN THE SIGNS OF AGING". Wah! I'm sure everyone will love to look younger than their age, yes? And that's not all...

Vita Green Lingzhi has other beauty benefits too!
  • Beauty
  • Anti‐aging
  • Antioxidant
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Reduce white hair
  • Reduce age spots
  • Help sleep

Vita Green Lingzhi is #1 Best Selling Lingzhi product in Hong Kong for 10 years and was just launched in Singapore! Vita Green Lingzhi not only enhance human immune system, it also facilitate detoxification, improve complexion, slow down aging and rich with anti-oxidant.

All you have to do is to take 1-2 capsule(s) daily. 

I started with 1 capsule a day cos i don't know how will my body react to it. Well, i'm still taking 1 capsule daily cos it's already working good on me.

Now, i don't feel lethargic & sleepy during day time anymore. And i can sleep well and long at night! And and, i'm able to 'relieve' myself everyday (sorry if you're disgusted). Only people with constipation will understand how i feel.

I don't know to be sad or happy that my tummy is "so strong", i never had diarrhea before (only once when i was pregnant with Raeann but i suspect she's the one having diarrhea, not me), and i can be constipated for a few days. And during that few days, i can eat alot but don't know where the food goes to.

Introduced my mum to take it too, as she has very serious insomnia. And she told me, "Lingzhi is very very good. Your dad used to take it cos his friend always bought it for him from overseas". Ohh, NOW I KNOW!

The greatest wealth is health. ~ Virgil

Get it today @ any Guardian at an introductory offer S$109.00 instead of the usual S$129.00!! ^.^

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