Sunday, March 31, 2013

My shopping loots!

Date : 24th - 29th March 2013

OMG, miracle-ly, my lao pok gai laptop decided to be nice to me cos it suddenly can detect my memory card. So now, i'm gonna blog about ALL my shopping loots! =D

P/S : I haven unpack my luggage yet, super lazy to do so! Sigh
P/P/S : Sorry if some of the images are blur or slanted. Please pardon Bo's photography skill, i niam-ed her many times about it already!
P/P/S : Photo sizes are different cos pictures are from a few different cameras.

These are all my shopping loots!

MCM goods, a handmade in Korea leather boots & leather jacket not in the picture, no space already! Haha! And some food/souvenirs bought before leaving Korea also not in the picture.

First day!

Only 2 handphone straps cos designs at the outlet are quite limited. Didn't see anything i fancy there. Don't know why i bought these too? Haha! Maybe I'll give it as souvenir to friends! :)

Then, i bought a leather boots on the 3rd day.

*2nd day in actual cos the night we spent on the plane is considered day 1.

Before the trip, i already told Bo that i must get a pair of boots when i reach there cos it's rare chance that i get to wear boots. And so i did.

It looks like this! Super comfy and good quality!

Also got a white frame degree-less spec for fun. Thank god i did, cos my eyes was so red the next day (i think is due to the contact lens cos very long never wear contact lens liao) and i used it to camouflage my red eyes, it did helps abit!

And then, i went to Lotte Duty Free @ COEX Mall, bagged 2 more MCM goods.

A 3/4 wallet for myself!

I wanted to get long wallet actually but that boutique don't have. I only saw the long version at the airport on the day i left Korea! =(

And a keyholder for ZY!

These are the "plain" types i'm talking about.

These are the classic prints which i dislike!

I secretly took this pic when the (super nice) sales assistant (male) wasn't looking. But i think even if he knows, he won't do anything to me. Cos i "secretly" took quite a few pictures there, lolol! But he did says that no pictures are allowed.

I can sell MCM paper bags now becos he gave me 5 paper bags for 2 items, lol!

If you didn't know yet, Korean guys (all those i met) are super nice and friendly, BUT most of the Korean ladies have very serious attitude problem. Koreans are rude, especially old folks, this is what my tour guide said, she's a Korean.

A closer view of the prints. No idea why, i just think it looks very "chiong", like pasam malam. To each of his own ba, i know many people love this prints, no offense ok?

Took this pic at the outlet where the staffs totally heck care about me taking pictures. Took quite a few there too, lol. Will blog about it when i'm free!

Bought a leather jacket on the 4th day cos it's cheap! About S$20 only!

And, this is the bag i bought with the balance amount of Korean won i have. (The balance of the balance, i gave all to Bobo liao!) This picture doesn't do any justice to this bag, it's pretty IRL. But i don't know when will i use it cos i just bought my Celine not long ago. =X

The samples i "collected" over the few days. They love giving samples, lotsa samples!

Oh, by the way, have you guys heard about the war declaration news? My mum said, if the news broke out earlier, she will not allow us to go liao. WAH, count my lucky star for choosing the right time to go (even though the exchange rate is much better now)! Thank god i decided to spend all my Korean won there, otherwise, i think i'll be regretting right now. Spent too much liao, need to start working & saving hard now!!!

I'm glad that i left my footprints in Seoul during this lifetime. Hope that the news is just a rumour cos i'd love to visit Seoul again! =)

I'm very very sure my husband and kids missed me alot becos they kept calling and calling me! I seldom answer their calls cos my stupid phone is spoil, i can't hear anything unless i on the speaker. Crazy right? So many people around! And also, phone bills very expensive leh. They called just to listen to my voice lor! ZY called and tell me that he very ke lian, cos the kids refused to go home when i'm not around! -.- Raeann called and ask me to buy mask for her teachers! Aiyo, i go Korea, she also must go and tell her teachers???

I only called my mum once to report safety and the kids once on the first day. Other than that, i used whatsapp to contact my mum whenever there is wifi. Didn't call or msg ZY at all until the last day when i was about the board the plane, lol!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ok, I'm back!

Wah, seriously cannot stand the weather here, it's killing me even though I on the aircon to the lowest temperature.

Flight was being delayed due to turbulence and Raeann (& ZY) waited at the airport for me for more than 2 hours. Poor baby girl, she was so sleepy till she just wanna sleep even when I tempted her with all the Power Ranger gifts I got for her.

It's damn hard to find Children stuffs there, let alone, Power Ranger. But thanks to my power legs which walked more than 10,000 miles these few days, I managed to find many gifts for her!

So lazy to unpack, I just took out some and threw the rest there, shall pack them tomorrow.

I didn't really spent alot but my luggage was overweight already! Still have a balance of 710,000 won (about S$830 according to the rate i changed) today, and I splurged on one MCM bag (699,000 won). Don't wanna bring back & change back to SGD cos it's not worth it as the exchange rate had worsen these few days.

Well, I'm not really into MCM cos I totally hate their classic prints, I find them so ugly. All those I bought are their latest plain ones. The reason why I splurge so much on MCM is cos that's the only branded that's so worth to buy there.

According to my tour mates, there's only one MCM boutique inside our T2 Duty Free but their price is about 50% more than Korea's boutiques, at least 30-40% more for the latest arrivals. So I just buy lah, since the price is so tempting!! Buy first, earn later! Haha

My total spending on shopping (inclusive of the bag) is S$2.4K. And I'm 200% satisfied and happy about this trip! :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last 2 days in Seoul!!!

And I'm feeling abit emo about leaving here now...

Love love love the weather here so much, even though it's damn cold when the wind blows (on the first 2 days & night time, temperature feels like negative), but still bearable to me. I'd prefer cold than warm & stuffy. My hair & complexion naturally turn out nicer in cold weather!!

Totally never regret joining this semi tour cos,

1) it's damn cheap,
2) all the tour mates are so fun, funny & nice & most importantly, we shared the same interest; shopping,
3) there are so much differences in travelling with & without kids.

I'm enjoying it SO DAMN MUCH! It's good to see & know more people!! :)

Shopping wise, *ahem* I bagged 4 MCM in two days, alot of masks & cosmetics. Clothes are not really cheap, children & men stuffs are limited.

Food; having all the authentic Korean food for the past few days, don't really like it actually, but still okay! The food at 路边摊 are much more appetising than those in Taiwan, I feel.

Accommodation; so-so only (blanket quite comfy, haha). But it's a 4 stars hotel here, lol. According to my Korean tour guide, hotels are not cheap here (still cheaper than SG though). But I'm fine with cheapo hotels cos we don't spend much time in the hotel mah.

I'd highly recommend this tour if you're one who is not fussy about accommodation cos it's very very worth it.

Last but not least, I'll definitely be back, Seoul!!!

P/S : We're going to take the MRT (oh yes, we learnt how to take their MRT even though its much more messier than Japan) for our last round of shopping today!! Hope my luggage won't overweight!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today, we're supposed to attend a wedding dinner. But little did i expect, i'll be so fucking pissed off till i left before the dinner starts. What a total waste of time, efforts and Jing's beautiful hairdo (on my hair of cos)!!!

Wah lau...

1) Is it THAT HARD to slower down your pace a little for your wife becos she's in high heels?
2) Is it THAT HARD to open your mouth to inform before going anywhere, with friends, for more than 15 mins?

Okay, to be honest, i didn't really wish to attend the dinner tonight. Becos i wanna spend more time with the kiddos as i'm flying off tomorrow. But he insisted that i must go. Alright, i woke up early to pack my luggage then prepare, deliberately planned with Jing to help me with my hair.

And what did i get in return?

Chasing after a person who seems like rushing for reincarnation, and standing alone like an idiot, having no idea at all where the husband went.

It will be fine if i'm close to all his friends, meet them frequently and on talking terms. But, the people i'm close to, are busy with their "sisters" job. And the rest; some seen before but never spoke to them for more than 10 sentences. The balance; i've no fucking idea who they are. (He never do any introductions too.)

So, it is RIGHT to just disappear and leave me standing there alone. Yeah, right!

Now you know why i HATE HATE FUCKING HATE to go out with him?

That's right, he do this to me every fucking time. And ironically, it always ended up ALL MY FAULT. Becos i'm anti-social.

FML! I'm not a hostress, why should i socialise with people i don't even know? (And i remembered my ex bf broke off with me cos he said i was TOO FRIENDLY.) So I'm supposed to go around like one mad woman (cos people don't know me) and say HI & introduce myself to everyone huh?


If he wanna go socialise, why can't he just go alone? Why must force me to go and leave me alone? It's not as if i like to follow him around, I DON'T!

It's okay, since he said it is RIGHT to do so, i will let him have a taste of his own medicine from tomorrow onwards. I'm not gonna call him, neither answer his call for the 6D in Korea. Maybe i should also extend my trip a few more days and don't inform him at all. It's not wrong what, according to him, so if i don't inform, i'm STILL right.

I'm not princessy nor hot tempered. I'm just standing up for my own right. If he can do this to me again and again despite telling him again and again not to do it, i don't see why i (still) need to give him "face" and tolerate till back home and tell him nicely again and get this kind of shit in future again. Becos a leopard can't change it's spot until a tiger gave him a deep scratch till there's a scar? (Cos talking nicely to that leopard is like 对牛弹琴!) Hope he remembers it. If he wants "face", either he don't force me along or better behave like a gentleman in future. I'll only respect people who respect me!!! Nuff' said!

I actually planned to blog a long happy post but totally no mood to do so now.
Hence, just a clearer pic of the beautiful hair Jing did for me. It's so so so pretty, i love it so much!!! Googled this hairstyle & sent it to her, but she did it even prettier than the picture! 厉害!
Okay, i see my nice hair, i'm happy now.
Off to bed! :)

P/S : Felt really apologetic to the bride & groom! Sincerely wishing them a happy & blissful marriage here, with all my best wishes & blessings.

Friday, March 22, 2013

People DO get annoyed!

Hey, while waiting for my nails to dry (lol, i haven pack luggage yet cos i suddenly hate the previous nail color!), i'm gonna share with you guys something i've learnt along the way, after a few years of interaction on social media platforms. Which is...


It means, people who constantly post about repetitive stuffs, i.e 1) tons of similar pictures, 2) proving/telling the whole wide world how noble he/she is, 3) telling the whole wide world how happy/blessed he/she is, 4) telling the whole wide world what he/she has gone through, 5) scolding & complaining about the same old issues & so and so forth.

Now you know why i seldom post on Twitter/Instagram/FB nowadays. Becos i realised, PEOPLE GET ANNOYED by same old boring shits.

And, please don't say that people are jealous of you just becos they are annoyed by your shits!

This was a mistake i made many many many years ago. But you see, i admitted and learnt my mistake and i never do it again. 每个人都会长大,对吗?

HOWEVER, there are still small minority of people who never grow up. I'm puzzled why too!

They are always trying (way too hard) to prove their worth to people they don't even know in real life (strangers) cos they crave for alot of attentions and praises, i think. There are, of cos, people who will "support" them but these people (trust me) will get annoyed one day too.

These type of people, either they STOP constantly posting shits or just disappear from all the social medias before he/she becomes a public enemy.

P/S : You think you're cool but people see u as a joke!

Office is like my 2nd home!

This morning, the moment i stepped in, i squeezed white heads on my face. Cos i'm those who can't stand to see anything on my face, i will squeeze, touch and meddle with it until i 爽. Leaving my face with swollen bumps, i proceeded to paint my nails... LOL

Brought my nails barangs to work today!!

My nails are so short now so it's no point to do gelish, i've no time to go and find Irene either. And since i only want to do normal painting, i decided to D.I.Y. I saved... $4 + to & fro trip. Hah! No time to do it tonight or tomorrow cos i need to pack my luggage.

So far, this is the BEST top coat i've ever used, recommended by Irene. Super fast dry + super shiny! But beware of counterfeit if you purchase online. I asked Irene to help me buy at $15 or $18 per bottle (free one mini bottle, damn cute!), can't remember.

While waiting for it to dry (in this ugly state), i was asked to go out for lunch. And i went, with ugly nails and swollen bumps on my face which i've totally forgotten. FML

Then before that, some bankers paid visit. I was hiding inside my room to paint my nails then my mum suddenly open the door and they said HI to me. And i heard them saying, "wah, painting nails in office ah". LOL!!! Aiyoyo, so paiseh!

Raeann was here during the last few days, so i took the chance to teach her some work, give her spelling & etc. Wah, teaching own kids will 'tio lai siong' (中内伤), really. Cos have to act stern and fierce while controlling laughter when she tried to bargain & bargain & bargain & bargain with me!!! 

Asked her to follow Bo home first while i go and pick meimei. On the way home, Bo sent me this pic...

Bo: Raeann, 不要睡!!!!
Raeann: 我没有睡... (In this semi-sleeping look!)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! She was trying VERY HARD to keep herself awake!!! This girl, totally opposite from her sister, she can fall asleep super easily one! Her sleeping habit is just like her father, which is good!

Funny conversation last night:-

Me: Raeann, time for bed! 
Raeann: But 臭阿爸 haven come back leh!
Me: He go out with his friends, won't be back so early.
Raeann: HUH! 早知道我就跟他去,可以盯住他,看他有没有搞什么鬼. 

LOLOL! You see har, not i control him hor, his 宝贝女儿 is the one doing so and he's so willing to let her control. She's a very good spy, hahahah!

She wore her sunglass lidat and sut sut walk around the whole house!

Okay, i gotta go... Need to list down what i need to buy/pack now!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm in trouble...

Ever since the day meimei knows how to slide to unlock iPhone (about 2 months ago?)!!! Wah lau, she has been calling (and Facetime) random people everyday!!! I'll receive msgs out of the blue from friends whom i don't contact for years!!! And you know what's worse?

She calls/Facetime those EX-friends! =.=

You see, i'm this BO CHUP. I don't bother deleting contacts, msgs or whatsoever UNLESS i restore my phone and those msgs/apps disappear by itself. (Yes, even if it's someone i dislike, i don't bother to do so as well. I'm not those, "omg, i hate you, i must delete/block you".)

So one day, if you happen to receive a call from me out of sudden, please blame...


Buay tahan, think i must set password liao!!! (I don't like setting password cos i've no secrets to hide leh! Moreover, me and ZY never check each other's phone de lor!)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013







Xuan Xuan's 18 months old today!

18 months old and ready to enter playgroup, another financial burden for us monthly. Checked out all the playgroups near my aunt's place already. The nearest (but most expensive) one is full, i think will have to go back to the one Raeann previously attended. Very competitive when you can't afford "branded" schools. 

Anyway, we brought her for vaccination today! This girl, tsk tsk, super tough, not even a whining sound made for all the injections she had. Asked her if it's pain? She still can shake her head and say "not pain". After that, still can dance, climb and walk around. Jitao no feeling one leh!

@ my aunt's place, pics taken by Angeline!

Sidetrack : Few nights ago, while putting meimei to bed, i gave her a stern warning; not to put her finger inside her mouth for fun. And i'm very very sure she knows how to listen cos the next thing i saw, she put her foot in!!! =.=

Brought the kids to my aunt's place, then proceeded to the salon for a hair "makeover" cos i've a wedding dinner this coming Saturday! I can't decide what to do with my hair even when i'm already at the salon. 


And this is what i did! Well, it's not this bright when not under the sunlight! 

I don't want to bleach becos my hair's already in a not so good condition. I'm afraid it will "chui"! Have been very hardworking applying tons of hair repairs/vitamins on my hair recently. Luckily, it still can be cured ah! 

I'm a millionaire, in S.Korea!!! Hahahaha

That's $2K SGD! I don't know if it's enough to last me through the entire trip but i hope so!!! Didn't want to bring more cos i'm worried that my luggage will overweight! =X 

倒数四天!!! =)

I count my blessings each and everyday for all the good things and nice people in my life!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Why always so crowded?!

Here I am at SNEC again, bringing my dad for his eyes check up. I really really dread coming here, cos it's always very crowded! Even when it's not so crowded, the minimum waiting time is at least 2 hours. I always come here with a happy mood but leave here fuming mad, hahaha!

To add on to my misery, I've to refrain myself from using my phone often, cos it gets low batt very fast!! Urgh!!

So I'm basically siting here, staring blankly at the wall, for many hours! Torturing!!

Seeing alot of old folks here set me thinking, "I better age healthily, if i'm still in SG. Else, not only i'll suffer, my family will suffer as well"!

The waiting time & medical fees are enough to kill!! No choice cos we're living in a country where our government "love" us so much! Can die, cannot sick ah!

P/S : U see, our government made our life so tensed up, we cannot afford to waste our precious time, waiting. So many things can be done during these few hours!!!

SIGH! Till now, almost 2 hours here, the doctor is still nowhere in sight!!! WTH, Lawrence ah, where are u hiding???

42% left. How much longer do I have go wait??? :(

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What body shape are you?

Found a few interesting websites while googling for body shapes! I've no idea why i googled that too...

From left to right: Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond & Round.

After examining and measuring myself (with a measuring tape, lol), i think i am... *AHEM* HOURGLASS!!! Wahahahahahahah! (Not i BHB hor, i really measured myself!) You can refer here and here for another type of body shapes. And i'm still a hourglass, lolol!

Hourglass: Women with an hourglass shape are often envied by all of their friends. This is because hourglasses have well-proportioned upper and lower bodies, with a distinctively narrow waist. However, if you are an hourglass, you may find that you tend to gain weight all over your body, particularly in your hips and chest area. Hourglasses tend to be *endomorphs or mesomorphs.

Omg, this is so true, i love dairy products!!!
Endomorphs: Endomorphs tend to have bigger bones than the other body types. These men and women usually have round faces with larger thighs and hips. Endomorphs have arms and legs that tend to be short and tapering, giving them a stocky appearance. Most endomorphs have comparatively small hands and feet and a high waist. Additionally, endomorphs have higher levels of body fat than the other body types, but they can also build muscle and lean mass easily. Weight loss is most difficult for the endomorph body type.

SIGH, no wonder lah, i still look fat no matter how light i weigh and how less i eat. So i'm actually not fat lah, i've big bones that's why i look fat huh??? Lidat good meh? Actually, i preferred slim arms and legs with tummy lor. Cos it so fucking hard to slim down the arms and thighs!!!

If you are an Hourglass'
If you are have an hourglass figure, then you should be focusing on both cardio and resistance exercises. Cardio will assist in keeping your weight in check, while resistance exercises will help to maintain balance between your upper and lower body. Vary your repetitions and keep your resistance weights light so as not to build too much muscle mass. Here are some great exercises that you may want to try:

• slow jogging
• stationary biking (with light resistance)
• jumping jacks
• swimming
• bicep curls, shoulder presses, and squats
Have you found out what's your shape? (",)

Friday, March 15, 2013


Some people should really learn how to be more ethical with their words. Dislike/hate someone? Fine. Target only that person then, why wanna drag people's family/husband/kids into the argument/cyber war?

And, it's really meaningless to say "i pity your husband" or "i pity your kids" in an argument/cyber war. Like seriously? How well do you know thy husband or kids? Do you even know them?

Who do you think you are?

Your hypocritical sympathy is totally REDUNDANT! Save it for yourself k?

Well, IMO, people who love to drag other's family/husband/kids into an argument/cyber war are LOSER. Becos they have nothing to say about that person, they have no choice but to drag others in as well.


Sidetrack : In order to be happier, you gotta learn how to take criticisms and insults with a pinch of salt. I'm glad that i've conquered all my enemies by IGNORING them. My ignoring means, it doesn't affect my mood/day at all! And not act like a saint, say don't bother but end up takes the initiative to bitch about them to others! By doing that, it means you're affected, otherwise, you won't be wasting your time and energy to do so.

Teacher plays an important role!

Raeann just called and remind me to print some "Happy Birthday" coloring sheets for her cos her form teacher's birthday is coming... Haha, i wonder how she knows huh?

Anyway, Raeann has shown tremendous improvements and interest in studies/school this year. She has been practicing writing at home, on her own will. Her handwriting, as compared to last year, is 5x nicer now!

She loves her K2 teachers, i supposed. Cos never for once, she wanna skip school. In fact, she has been telling me that she loves school now! =)

Haha, so shocked to receive this letter last week! Raeann sent it from her school, lolol!

But one thing i find it very weird is, she prefers Chinese more than English. She can remember every single Chinese word she learnt in school and keep writing it at home. I believe that most children prefer English more? Why she so special? (Her mummy, me has returned most of the Chinese knowledge back to the teacher liao! I can read, no problem, but i can't write. HAHA!)

Anyway, i'm not gonna force/push them too hard in their studies. Like i tweeted before, 会读就是会读, don't have to force/push too hard. 逼得太紧会有反效果!

In my opinion, 人缘 & opportunities are much more important than qualifications to excel in life. And without 孝顺, 口德, responsibility and/or respect (for others), 读再多也没有用!

P/S : I always believe "how you treat your parents = how your kids will treat you in future". If you don't respect (always raising voice at them) your parents, your kids probably won't respect you in future too, no matter how much you love them. It's all in a cycle!!!

But still, the two utmost VERY important; 健康 + 平安. Therefore, having HIGH qualifications to me, is not that important at all! If they wish to, i won't stop. If they don't wish to, i won't force either.

Okay, going out to sign the bank contract now! *pray*

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Low crime rates in SG?

Two days ago, there was a house breaking around my neighbourhood. The culprits have been caught... 3 men from Columbia aged 20+! The same 3 men whom broke into house at Westwood too.

So, our dear government welcomed all these "rubbish" into our once peaceful and beautiful city. With all these "rubbish" around, are we still safe?

Talk about 6.9 mil, in this small dot, hahaha. Crime rates will definitely increase over the years. We shall wait and see...

Singaporeans don't love to complain. It's cos our government are driving us crazy and other than complaining, there's nothing else we can do. We complaint, giving hope that our government will "hear" us out. But they seem to be deaf and only have eyes for $$$$$$.

Good for you, Singapore! I'm all ready to leave when i've a chance to.

God, please let me strike Big Sweep or Toto!!!


Pre-holiday Jittery

HELP!!! I think I'm suffering from pre-holiday jittery!!

Keep thinking...

1) What clothes should i bring?
2) Which camera should i bring?
3) How much $ should i change/bring? & etc...

And keep checking out the weather forecast too, lolol!

(Feel like selling away my new compact camera cos i rarely use it!!! Condition like brand new! Anyone interested? It's great for camwhore!!!)

Yesterday, we went down for our tour briefing & paid off the balance amount. Everything was normal until at night when i was arranging with my mum when to put Meimei to aunt's place.

(We think that it's inappropriate to bring Meimei to the airport to send me off cos she will cry like hell.)

Then I started to feel sad! Sigh

I gonna miss my two girls very much for sure...

I hope they will behave themselves during the 6 days! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence

Sponsored Review

Remember this video i posted last week? 

What product is so amazingly light till it floats???

Brand New Furla Giltter Gold Candy Bag

For sale at below retail price!!!

Limited edition: Glitter Gold! 
 A classically silhouetted satchel takes a fresh turn with avant-garde rubber construction. 
Top zip closure.
Signature zipper padlock.
Protective feet
Size: 12“W x 8"H x 7“D (Measures medium) 

Selling at S$360.00!
Meet-up at seller's convenience.

Discount for fast deal! Serious buyer only!

For more enquiry, free free to SMS 93223236 or email to

Monday, March 11, 2013

Effective Weight-loss Drink

Disclaimer : This is NOT an advertorial/review.

Have not been drinking much soft/sweet/gas-y drinks since the end of 2012. Was telling my family that i salute myself for not touching them over the CNY; the best time to feast - eat & drink whatever you like! Drank at the most 2-3 sips from ZY/sis/mum's when i'm really really thirsty, but very seldom. I replaced all those drinks with PLAIN WATER, warm water to be specific.

The reasons why i wanna do so are cos, 1) 我怕肥 and 2) i don't want my kids to indulge on all these drinks till it becomes a habit. Which is why i must set a good example by not drinking them so i can convince my kids that they are not good for health. 

P/S : I can't comprehend why some people said sweetened Green tea is a healthy drink? How so? Sweet = sugar, drinking too much of it may lead to diabetes. And hey, it's FATTENING!!! Thank god i don't like it!

But sometimes, the sun can kill and drinking some cold beverages will make your day slightly better. However, no soft/sweet/gas-y drinks for me either, i drink this...

Actually, i copied drinking this from my bro whom lost 30kgs within a few months. (YES, THIRTY, but of cos, with exercise & lesser food intake.) I gotta admit, i really dislike it when i first drank it, maybe becos it's chilled? It tasted just like chinese tea, but chilled chinese tea? Hmm, weird!

Then, i went to google about "Oolong tea" and i found out many health benefits of it. And most importantly (to me), it helps to lose weight!!! That's when i started drinking and in love with it now!

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #1:Weight Loss Tea?

First let me assure you: Drinking oolong tea does help you lose weight.

Even in traditional tea drinking countries like China and Japan, it has a huge reputation and following for helping people keep slim.

It is widely accepted in China that all teas - especially green tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea - "make one thin."

Oolong tea is not as well studied as green tea. But there is decent scientific evidence that it helps lose weight by,
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Burning fat (through a process called lipolysis) 
  • Blocking dietary fat absorption

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #2:Fat Blocker

In Asia, oolong tea is a popular accompaniment for greasy food.

Now, scientists have proven that it is an effective fat blocker.

A study conducted by the University of Tokushima found that it can double the amount of fat being excreted.

12 young Japanese adults participated in the 17-day study, consisting of 10 days of washout and 7 days of treatment.

The scientists found that fat excretion was twice as high for those who consumed oolong tea compared to the placebo.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #3:Keep Slim

After you have lost weight successfully, you face a long fight to keep fats from piling on.

What do you do? I don't really recommend consuming fat burner supplements for longer than 3 months. They might be toxic when accumulated over the long term.

This is when a suitable tea beverage comes in. They are proven natural fat burner over the long term.

A 2007 American study found that rats prone to obesity cut weight gain by 66% by consuming the equivalent of 6 cups of tea a day.

In addition, their triglyceride fats were 80% lower.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #4:Reduce Belly Fat & Cholesterols 

A 2001 Japanese study found that drinking 1 litre of oolong tea a day can take 2 years off the internal organ age.

Out of the 11 participants, 9 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their waist size and 8 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their upper arms.

They also observed lower cholesterols levels.

(Extracted from here! Click to read more!)

Don't say i never share ok! Start drinking Oolong tea if you wanna slim down!!! =D

Ahhh, i know why people love reading my blog now!! Cos i'm so interesting & sharing!! HAHAHAH! Well, at least, i don't blog about the same old boring shits everytime. 

By the way, i'll be revealing the "feather light product which can floats" within the next few days, stay tuned to find out more!!! Confirm good stuff!!! Heehee

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back in Candy Crush action!

Wah wah wah, i finally cleared the cursed level 213 this afternoon without using any extra lives or whatever!!! I was stucked for about 1 month? Can't remember! Actually, i didn't play much lately (cos i'm bery bery busy ok!), till my requests (people asked me to send lives) hit 508, hahahahah! More than 3/4 of my friends on FB are playing Candy Crush now. I managed to clear all the 508 requests today though. Phewz!

So yah, i'm back to Candy Crush, not much time for other "nonsenses" liao. PLEASE SEND ME LIVES!!! Thanks in advance.

P/S : Don't know is my phone or what? Sometimes, play halfway, the game auto reset! (Bounce me back to my "home" then i need to click in again and restart playing that level!) Anyone encounter this too?

Edited : 11th March 2013

Shit man, HP can only played till level 245! Now i'm at 247 and need to use computer to play, sian sian sian!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Forever sibei busy!

Wah lau, nobody knows how busy i am. Whenever people say that i'm having good life, i'll be like "bitch please, wtf do all these people know?".

You see, everyday, i '7 za 8 za' have to wake up and attend to my kids (need to wash their smelly butt leh). For weekdays, i've to bathe, dress up, slap makeup on my face so that i can take tons of pictures of myself and go to work. No, people still won't understand how busy i am, becos they're not me!

My family's favourite 'tor dao'. 

See? I'm so busy cos i've to pose & take about 20 pictures to remind myself that i've ate this 'tor dao' before!

Then, another 10 pictures to prove that my Raeann planted 'dao gay'!!!

Then, another 5 pictures of my kids inside the car while sending them to aunt's place.

And here comes the busiest part...

I've to pose and take about 50 similar pictures everyday!!!

Then, i've to upload those pictures on different platforms. So busy can!

Beside all these, i still have to watch TV, go online shopping, paint my nails & etc. Kaoz, how busy can i get! Why won't people ever understand that i'm sibei busy??!! Alright, gonna go take pictures now, DND ok? =)