Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today, we're supposed to attend a wedding dinner. But little did i expect, i'll be so fucking pissed off till i left before the dinner starts. What a total waste of time, efforts and Jing's beautiful hairdo (on my hair of cos)!!!

Wah lau...

1) Is it THAT HARD to slower down your pace a little for your wife becos she's in high heels?
2) Is it THAT HARD to open your mouth to inform before going anywhere, with friends, for more than 15 mins?

Okay, to be honest, i didn't really wish to attend the dinner tonight. Becos i wanna spend more time with the kiddos as i'm flying off tomorrow. But he insisted that i must go. Alright, i woke up early to pack my luggage then prepare, deliberately planned with Jing to help me with my hair.

And what did i get in return?

Chasing after a person who seems like rushing for reincarnation, and standing alone like an idiot, having no idea at all where the husband went.

It will be fine if i'm close to all his friends, meet them frequently and on talking terms. But, the people i'm close to, are busy with their "sisters" job. And the rest; some seen before but never spoke to them for more than 10 sentences. The balance; i've no fucking idea who they are. (He never do any introductions too.)

So, it is RIGHT to just disappear and leave me standing there alone. Yeah, right!

Now you know why i HATE HATE FUCKING HATE to go out with him?

That's right, he do this to me every fucking time. And ironically, it always ended up ALL MY FAULT. Becos i'm anti-social.

FML! I'm not a hostress, why should i socialise with people i don't even know? (And i remembered my ex bf broke off with me cos he said i was TOO FRIENDLY.) So I'm supposed to go around like one mad woman (cos people don't know me) and say HI & introduce myself to everyone huh?


If he wanna go socialise, why can't he just go alone? Why must force me to go and leave me alone? It's not as if i like to follow him around, I DON'T!

It's okay, since he said it is RIGHT to do so, i will let him have a taste of his own medicine from tomorrow onwards. I'm not gonna call him, neither answer his call for the 6D in Korea. Maybe i should also extend my trip a few more days and don't inform him at all. It's not wrong what, according to him, so if i don't inform, i'm STILL right.

I'm not princessy nor hot tempered. I'm just standing up for my own right. If he can do this to me again and again despite telling him again and again not to do it, i don't see why i (still) need to give him "face" and tolerate till back home and tell him nicely again and get this kind of shit in future again. Becos a leopard can't change it's spot until a tiger gave him a deep scratch till there's a scar? (Cos talking nicely to that leopard is like 对牛弹琴!) Hope he remembers it. If he wants "face", either he don't force me along or better behave like a gentleman in future. I'll only respect people who respect me!!! Nuff' said!

I actually planned to blog a long happy post but totally no mood to do so now.
Hence, just a clearer pic of the beautiful hair Jing did for me. It's so so so pretty, i love it so much!!! Googled this hairstyle & sent it to her, but she did it even prettier than the picture! 厉害!
Okay, i see my nice hair, i'm happy now.
Off to bed! :)

P/S : Felt really apologetic to the bride & groom! Sincerely wishing them a happy & blissful marriage here, with all my best wishes & blessings.


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