Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back in Candy Crush action!

Wah wah wah, i finally cleared the cursed level 213 this afternoon without using any extra lives or whatever!!! I was stucked for about 1 month? Can't remember! Actually, i didn't play much lately (cos i'm bery bery busy ok!), till my requests (people asked me to send lives) hit 508, hahahahah! More than 3/4 of my friends on FB are playing Candy Crush now. I managed to clear all the 508 requests today though. Phewz!

So yah, i'm back to Candy Crush, not much time for other "nonsenses" liao. PLEASE SEND ME LIVES!!! Thanks in advance.

P/S : Don't know is my phone or what? Sometimes, play halfway, the game auto reset! (Bounce me back to my "home" then i need to click in again and restart playing that level!) Anyone encounter this too?

Edited : 11th March 2013

Shit man, HP can only played till level 245! Now i'm at 247 and need to use computer to play, sian sian sian!!!

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