Friday, March 1, 2013

自作自受, 能怨谁呢?

Last Saturday, meimei fell down from the bed and left a huge fishball alike baluku on her forehead... 

How it happened?

She stood on the bed & danced. (I always warn the kids not to stand/jump/walk on the bed.) I scolded her and carried her down. Less than 1 minute, she climbed up and danced again. I scolded her again, smacked her fat thigh and carried her down again. And then i proceeded to get my clothes to change cos we were going out! I just turned my head over, didn't even manage to get my clothes yet, she already fell from the bed. 

Though i felt really heartpain and worried, i was really furious too. Angry cos the kids failed to listen to my instructions despite warning them several times. 

I carried her up and asked her to STOP crying. I told her, "mummy already warned u so many times, u fell yourself, nobody pushed u". I always tell my kids, "bear your own consequences, u do wrong, u face the music, crying/whining is useless". 

True isn't it? Why cry/whine after doing something when you know it's wrong to do so in the first place?

As a kid, you must listen to your parent's warnings & instructions. 
As an adult, you're old enough to know what you're suppose/not suppose to do.

Example: You knew you have to wake up early in the morning, then you should sleep earlier. If you refused to sleep earlier, then don't whine about being tired, all the time. Unless certain circumstances caused you to lose your sleep, like kids not feeling well or never-ending household chores and that is understandable why are you so tired. 

It's like, someone jio-ed me for mahjong on a Friday night but i knew i'll have to wake up early the next morning to attend to my kids, so i rejected them. It's my choice! Nobody can force me! If i choose to play, then i shouldn't whine about being tired the next day! Get what i mean?

Actually, i'm so scare to enrol Raeann for extra activities. Becos if i do so, i'll have to PAY, SEND, PICK & DO EVERYTHING, not forgetting i need to WORK as well. It's no big deal cos most working mummies are doing all these, i'm not claiming credits anyway!

What i'm trying to imply is, IF i wanna sign Raeann up for some classes, i already knew how tedious it will be. And if i knew it will be tough on me and went ahead to sign her up for classes, i think i shouldn't keep whining about how much things i need to do, right? Whine and whine also must do, right? So why waste the energy to whine?

(I admit i used to whine alot when i just got married and became a first-time mum. That was becos i couldn't get used to married life yet and i didn't know parenthood is this difficult & stressful. But after i got used to it, i don't really do that anymore.)

Well, IMO, it's okay to whine once in blue moon cos it's normal to feel frustrated when someone/something agitates you badly! However, you won't be badly agitated almost everyday, right? If you do, you probably have a problem.

If you have the time to whine about something, you should have the time to do something about it. #justsaying

Define whine : to snivel or complain in a peevish, self-pitying way.

My tough girl cried for less than 1 minute only and thank god, that fishball has completely disappeared already!

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