Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bobo's 20th Birthday

Date : 5th March 2013
Venue : MBS

She booked a hotel room @ MBS to celebrate her 20th, all of us (the whole family) went to look for her with her cake after we knocked off from work. IT'S MY FIRST TIME THERE!!! Oh yes, i admit i'm a country bum and sibei aunty, since when did i say that i'm very high class and modern? That's not my style please...

我是 aunty! =D 

(Don't like my face? Good. I'm gonna post more pictures of myself!!!)

See, super aunty, took pictures since it's my first time there!

Meimei didn't want any of us to hold her hand, except her jiejie!

Raeann aspired to be a lawyer! So one day if she really becomes a lawyer, i'll ask her to sue whoever said that she's a prostitute. What a "fine" word that came out from someone who self-proclaimed as "highly educated" & "classy"!!! *roll eyes*

They don't need to be pretty, they just need to be healthy & safe! Pretty but unhealthy, 有个屁用???????????

Pretty view!

Jing ordered this! BIG BOX; a new set meal from Pizza Hut!

Very worth!

Happy 20th, Bo!!! 

Don't understand why this Elmo's face got feather around?

Oops, caught Raeann blowing out her candle secretly!

Disfigured Elmo, hahaha!

What sort of poses can one strike when doing self shot? Raising my hand up to show my armpit? No logic. (Why do people with no IQ & EQ even exist??? Sigh)

Thien Kee steamboat @ Golden Mile for 2nd round of dinner! Ordered too much!!!

17 months old learning how to use chopsticks! Keep it up, baby! 

Jiejie can take chopsticks very well already when she was around this age!

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