Friday, March 1, 2013

Bon Voyage, Mr Ho!

Wow, time flies! In another few hours time, the husband will be flying off... I mean, i didn't even know it's today until two days back when i asked him if he could bring me to somewhere on Sunday. Haha! Then my family asked me when will he be back? I don't know either, till i asked him yesterday, lol! He did tell me before lah, but i just listen and forget. Sometimes, i don't understand why am i this cool!

Anyway, to show that i care, i sent him a SMS just now...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I mean what i typed ok! 

Saw him packing with a heavy heart last night, i knew that he'll miss us for sure! I asked him NOT to buy the whole country back, don't buy anything also ok! If he really really want to buy, just buy 1 set of clothing for each of them will do! 

And he asked, "u leh?".
Me : "Don't need lah, don't have to buy anything for me!"

FYI, he's one shopaholic, even worse than me! But the things he buy, all redundant stuffs. He's the one who said this himself. 

Me : "Don't know if the kids will ask about u anot hor!"
ZY : "I don't think so. But if u leave, i 'dua gong' (good game)!"

LOL, glad that he knows my importance now. 


  1. ZY is sweet in his own way. LOL

    1. Hahaha! Okay lah. A very "cool" kind of sweetness! LOL


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