Monday, March 11, 2013

Effective Weight-loss Drink

Disclaimer : This is NOT an advertorial/review.

Have not been drinking much soft/sweet/gas-y drinks since the end of 2012. Was telling my family that i salute myself for not touching them over the CNY; the best time to feast - eat & drink whatever you like! Drank at the most 2-3 sips from ZY/sis/mum's when i'm really really thirsty, but very seldom. I replaced all those drinks with PLAIN WATER, warm water to be specific.

The reasons why i wanna do so are cos, 1) 我怕肥 and 2) i don't want my kids to indulge on all these drinks till it becomes a habit. Which is why i must set a good example by not drinking them so i can convince my kids that they are not good for health. 

P/S : I can't comprehend why some people said sweetened Green tea is a healthy drink? How so? Sweet = sugar, drinking too much of it may lead to diabetes. And hey, it's FATTENING!!! Thank god i don't like it!

But sometimes, the sun can kill and drinking some cold beverages will make your day slightly better. However, no soft/sweet/gas-y drinks for me either, i drink this...

Actually, i copied drinking this from my bro whom lost 30kgs within a few months. (YES, THIRTY, but of cos, with exercise & lesser food intake.) I gotta admit, i really dislike it when i first drank it, maybe becos it's chilled? It tasted just like chinese tea, but chilled chinese tea? Hmm, weird!

Then, i went to google about "Oolong tea" and i found out many health benefits of it. And most importantly (to me), it helps to lose weight!!! That's when i started drinking and in love with it now!

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #1:Weight Loss Tea?

First let me assure you: Drinking oolong tea does help you lose weight.

Even in traditional tea drinking countries like China and Japan, it has a huge reputation and following for helping people keep slim.

It is widely accepted in China that all teas - especially green tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea - "make one thin."

Oolong tea is not as well studied as green tea. But there is decent scientific evidence that it helps lose weight by,
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Burning fat (through a process called lipolysis) 
  • Blocking dietary fat absorption

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #2:Fat Blocker

In Asia, oolong tea is a popular accompaniment for greasy food.

Now, scientists have proven that it is an effective fat blocker.

A study conducted by the University of Tokushima found that it can double the amount of fat being excreted.

12 young Japanese adults participated in the 17-day study, consisting of 10 days of washout and 7 days of treatment.

The scientists found that fat excretion was twice as high for those who consumed oolong tea compared to the placebo.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #3:Keep Slim

After you have lost weight successfully, you face a long fight to keep fats from piling on.

What do you do? I don't really recommend consuming fat burner supplements for longer than 3 months. They might be toxic when accumulated over the long term.

This is when a suitable tea beverage comes in. They are proven natural fat burner over the long term.

A 2007 American study found that rats prone to obesity cut weight gain by 66% by consuming the equivalent of 6 cups of tea a day.

In addition, their triglyceride fats were 80% lower.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Fact #4:Reduce Belly Fat & Cholesterols 

A 2001 Japanese study found that drinking 1 litre of oolong tea a day can take 2 years off the internal organ age.

Out of the 11 participants, 9 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their waist size and 8 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their upper arms.

They also observed lower cholesterols levels.

(Extracted from here! Click to read more!)

Don't say i never share ok! Start drinking Oolong tea if you wanna slim down!!! =D

Ahhh, i know why people love reading my blog now!! Cos i'm so interesting & sharing!! HAHAHAH! Well, at least, i don't blog about the same old boring shits everytime. 

By the way, i'll be revealing the "feather light product which can floats" within the next few days, stay tuned to find out more!!! Confirm good stuff!!! Heehee


  1. thks for sharing Joanne! love love love reading yr blog!!!

    1. You're welcome, Christine. Thanks for reading!! =D

  2. my bf took 2years to shed 20+ kg which was not easy at all! that time i saw ur bro and i was like "if only i can slim down" haha gonna try oolong tea!

  3. my bf took 2years to shed 20+ kg which was not easy at all! that time i saw ur bro and i was like "if only i can slim down" haha gonna try oolong tea!

    1. Ya lor, i feel that slimming down is like the most difficult task on earth. U saw KK ah?? LOL, KUAZHANG right??? I also want to lose 30kgs!!! LOL

    2. I saw him few times and most recent was at meiting's hse warming. And yes, it's !$!@$ to see ppl can lose so much weight while i can't even lose 1 kg.
      But no pain no gain, kudos to your bro.

    3. Determination must be very very strong in order to do that! But my impression of you is slim, not fat at all, not in the past & not now, why do u wanna slim down???

  4. I have been drinking for many years already. My hub n I don really drink plain water,we only drink oolong.. Our fridge is full of oolong... Haha! But can only drink it chill if not it will be a little bitter.

    1. Haha! I'm fine with chilled or non chilled!!! So does it works in keeping slim, for u and ur hb??

  5. Hmm... Not for slimming actually. As tea is good rather than those sweet gassy drinks but heard from my mom,ladies shouldn't drink too much as its "Lang"

    1. Ya, better than sweet gasy drinks! I don't really drink alot lah, i only replaced it with sweet gasy drinks when i'm out lunching. Other than that, still prefers plain water! =)


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