Friday, March 8, 2013

Forever sibei busy!

Wah lau, nobody knows how busy i am. Whenever people say that i'm having good life, i'll be like "bitch please, wtf do all these people know?".

You see, everyday, i '7 za 8 za' have to wake up and attend to my kids (need to wash their smelly butt leh). For weekdays, i've to bathe, dress up, slap makeup on my face so that i can take tons of pictures of myself and go to work. No, people still won't understand how busy i am, becos they're not me!

My family's favourite 'tor dao'. 

See? I'm so busy cos i've to pose & take about 20 pictures to remind myself that i've ate this 'tor dao' before!

Then, another 10 pictures to prove that my Raeann planted 'dao gay'!!!

Then, another 5 pictures of my kids inside the car while sending them to aunt's place.

And here comes the busiest part...

I've to pose and take about 50 similar pictures everyday!!!

Then, i've to upload those pictures on different platforms. So busy can!

Beside all these, i still have to watch TV, go online shopping, paint my nails & etc. Kaoz, how busy can i get! Why won't people ever understand that i'm sibei busy??!! Alright, gonna go take pictures now, DND ok? =)


  1. ROFL..... so this is call busy

    Can I post this in my blog also?! LOL

  2. Hahaha! Very similar lei... I wonder y everyday face is the same as gg to wedding dinner...sibei busy lo... And hor actually if so like shopping doll up than should at least shop some for the kids as well..

    1. LOLOL, wei, why u lidat say "me"??? Later "i" curse and swear at you then you know ah!!!


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