Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello hater!

This morning, in my semi awake mode, I was greeted with 4 nasty comments multiplied in a few different posts. (Omg, still so sleepy & bloated now, must be due to the celebration & feast last night!)

This anonymous hater is so worried that I will miss her comments and hoping that I'll read and get affected over what she typed.

Since you're so hardworking, I'll do u this favour by not deleting a single comment of yours, ok?

But sorry I gotta disappoint you cos I didn't really bother to read all you have typed. The first part has already turned me off becos you're obviously childish. (Who do you think you are?) Then the more i read, the more sleepy i get.

Oh, there's a part which caught my attention though; you were shocked & surprised that I'm so young!!! Hahahahahaha

29 this year with two kids, YOUNG AH?? Thank you then!

Well, I'm not the past me whereby I'll get worked up with all these nonsenses anymore. So don't even bother to try agitates me with all those nasty & boring comments (insulting my looks lah, pity my husband & kids lah etc, what's new?), you're just wasting your time.

You know, while I'm typing this, I'm getting my pedicure done!!! Was removing my manicure earlier that's why didn't bother to reply.

Here I am enjoying every single bit of my life and there you are, camping at my blog in the middle of the night, typing truckload of hate msgs to me, how pathetic huh?

Lastly, if I'm really that unbearable, then why are u still here? Lol

Edited : 12:03pm

Oh my, I just saw that you insulted & criticised my kids as well. Tsk tsk tsk! 小心报应 hor! You can be a really good story teller too, don't waste your talent ok? LOL at the amusing 3some story u made up! Very creative!!!

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