Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm in trouble...

Ever since the day meimei knows how to slide to unlock iPhone (about 2 months ago?)!!! Wah lau, she has been calling (and Facetime) random people everyday!!! I'll receive msgs out of the blue from friends whom i don't contact for years!!! And you know what's worse?

She calls/Facetime those EX-friends! =.=

You see, i'm this BO CHUP. I don't bother deleting contacts, msgs or whatsoever UNLESS i restore my phone and those msgs/apps disappear by itself. (Yes, even if it's someone i dislike, i don't bother to do so as well. I'm not those, "omg, i hate you, i must delete/block you".)

So one day, if you happen to receive a call from me out of sudden, please blame...


Buay tahan, think i must set password liao!!! (I don't like setting password cos i've no secrets to hide leh! Moreover, me and ZY never check each other's phone de lor!)

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