Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last 2 days in Seoul!!!

And I'm feeling abit emo about leaving here now...

Love love love the weather here so much, even though it's damn cold when the wind blows (on the first 2 days & night time, temperature feels like negative), but still bearable to me. I'd prefer cold than warm & stuffy. My hair & complexion naturally turn out nicer in cold weather!!

Totally never regret joining this semi tour cos,

1) it's damn cheap,
2) all the tour mates are so fun, funny & nice & most importantly, we shared the same interest; shopping,
3) there are so much differences in travelling with & without kids.

I'm enjoying it SO DAMN MUCH! It's good to see & know more people!! :)

Shopping wise, *ahem* I bagged 4 MCM in two days, alot of masks & cosmetics. Clothes are not really cheap, children & men stuffs are limited.

Food; having all the authentic Korean food for the past few days, don't really like it actually, but still okay! The food at 路边摊 are much more appetising than those in Taiwan, I feel.

Accommodation; so-so only (blanket quite comfy, haha). But it's a 4 stars hotel here, lol. According to my Korean tour guide, hotels are not cheap here (still cheaper than SG though). But I'm fine with cheapo hotels cos we don't spend much time in the hotel mah.

I'd highly recommend this tour if you're one who is not fussy about accommodation cos it's very very worth it.

Last but not least, I'll definitely be back, Seoul!!!

P/S : We're going to take the MRT (oh yes, we learnt how to take their MRT even though its much more messier than Japan) for our last round of shopping today!! Hope my luggage won't overweight!!!

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