Monday, March 4, 2013

Life is just as usual!

Hahahahaha, ZY just called and tell me something so lame and funny, BTH him! He's just like a kid! Since the day he left, he has been calling me twice everyday, once in the morning & once at night. Alright, i prefer him to go overseas cos hor, he will call and ask what am i doing (even though he knows i'm in the office) & how's everything. It's just a simple call lah, no mushy talks, but he never do that when he's in SG!!!

Yesterday morning, he called and ask my clothes & shoes sizes, he wanna get me a leather jacket & boots! Hahahahah! Quite doubtful of his taste though... Let's see what he will come back with!

As for me, everything's as usual lah. The kids also never ask about him lor, piang eh! Jerlyn asked if i miss him, HAHAHAHAHA, no leh, i feel nothing or maybe more 爽 cos my room is neater!!! I packed my whole wardrobe on Saturday night, after putting the kids to bed. Donated away about 30-40 pieces of T-shirts & shorts & it looks much neater now! =D Actually, i love packing my room lor! Cos when i see a neater space, i feel happy.


Sunday; marketing @ J.W St. 41

Mamy Poko is cheaper there!!! $11.50 per pack! 

我没有 makeup, haven even bathe! Bathed for the kids & brushed my teeth only. Who the hell will put on makeup to do marketing? Even though i feel that it's a MUST for women to dress up, but i don't put makeup at home (unless got party), when i go nearby or when i send Raeann to school (from home). Siao bo?! WHERE GOT TIME!!! I'd rather use that energy to cook for them! 

Well, i'm not a good cook, but Raeann never failed to finish what i cooked for her. She will praise me and say, "i love everything mummy cooked!". At least i learn and try cos i feel that this is one of the basic tasks a mum need to do, other than bathing them & washing their butt after they poo-ed! (Kaoz, which mum don't wash their kid's butt? Why make it sounds like a great & difficult task?)

As you can see, i ish very aunty. I went to racky which shops sell cheaper pampers cos hor, i'm the one who buy and pay for their pampers lah! Don't aunty how to survive? Everything is so fucking expensive nowadays... It's only when you are affected, then you will feel the pinch and pain.

Some aunty lobang for you guys! @ NTUC Fair Price! 

Very worth leh! Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Leave On Repair Treatment + Philips Hair Dryer = $28.90 only!!! Besides the "Fall Repair" pack, they have "Damaged Hair" pack as well! Quick! Go grab it while stocks last!

Oh, can someone remind me to pluck my armpit hair tonight? LOL

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