Friday, March 15, 2013


Some people should really learn how to be more ethical with their words. Dislike/hate someone? Fine. Target only that person then, why wanna drag people's family/husband/kids into the argument/cyber war?

And, it's really meaningless to say "i pity your husband" or "i pity your kids" in an argument/cyber war. Like seriously? How well do you know thy husband or kids? Do you even know them?

Who do you think you are?

Your hypocritical sympathy is totally REDUNDANT! Save it for yourself k?

Well, IMO, people who love to drag other's family/husband/kids into an argument/cyber war are LOSER. Becos they have nothing to say about that person, they have no choice but to drag others in as well.


Sidetrack : In order to be happier, you gotta learn how to take criticisms and insults with a pinch of salt. I'm glad that i've conquered all my enemies by IGNORING them. My ignoring means, it doesn't affect my mood/day at all! And not act like a saint, say don't bother but end up takes the initiative to bitch about them to others! By doing that, it means you're affected, otherwise, you won't be wasting your time and energy to do so.


  1. I just saw you at IMM. Was having one of the worst days in months. But reading this entry reminds me to be unaffected like you. Thanks haha. Stay pretty!!

    1. Oh no!!! Shit, I was in a sibei nua state, hahahah!! Why never say hi to me??? Heehee

      Yes yes, stay positive, ignore those crappy pathetic people, they aren't worth any attention at all! Be happy always! ^.^

    2. Haha cos you don't know me ma later you think I'm crazy. Haha like your blog since my preggy days :) cos you are a strong mother.

      You are pretty in real life la. :) haha. Stay strong!!


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