Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Low crime rates in SG?

Two days ago, there was a house breaking around my neighbourhood. The culprits have been caught... 3 men from Columbia aged 20+! The same 3 men whom broke into house at Westwood too.

So, our dear government welcomed all these "rubbish" into our once peaceful and beautiful city. With all these "rubbish" around, are we still safe?

Talk about 6.9 mil, in this small dot, hahaha. Crime rates will definitely increase over the years. We shall wait and see...

Singaporeans don't love to complain. It's cos our government are driving us crazy and other than complaining, there's nothing else we can do. We complaint, giving hope that our government will "hear" us out. But they seem to be deaf and only have eyes for $$$$$$.

Good for you, Singapore! I'm all ready to leave when i've a chance to.

God, please let me strike Big Sweep or Toto!!!



  1. why would someone put so much money and jewellery at home? i think either they must had aimed him for quite some time or they must be really "lucky" to found a house that has so much valuables.

    1. They made the house into an office. Don't think the amount is correct though, my mum said there's a newspaper reported $500K. They anyhow anyhow report sia!


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