Sunday, March 31, 2013

My shopping loots!

Date : 24th - 29th March 2013

OMG, miracle-ly, my lao pok gai laptop decided to be nice to me cos it suddenly can detect my memory card. So now, i'm gonna blog about ALL my shopping loots! =D

P/S : I haven unpack my luggage yet, super lazy to do so! Sigh
P/P/S : Sorry if some of the images are blur or slanted. Please pardon Bo's photography skill, i niam-ed her many times about it already!
P/P/S : Photo sizes are different cos pictures are from a few different cameras.

These are all my shopping loots!

MCM goods, a handmade in Korea leather boots & leather jacket not in the picture, no space already! Haha! And some food/souvenirs bought before leaving Korea also not in the picture.

First day!

Only 2 handphone straps cos designs at the outlet are quite limited. Didn't see anything i fancy there. Don't know why i bought these too? Haha! Maybe I'll give it as souvenir to friends! :)

Then, i bought a leather boots on the 3rd day.

*2nd day in actual cos the night we spent on the plane is considered day 1.

Before the trip, i already told Bo that i must get a pair of boots when i reach there cos it's rare chance that i get to wear boots. And so i did.

It looks like this! Super comfy and good quality!

Also got a white frame degree-less spec for fun. Thank god i did, cos my eyes was so red the next day (i think is due to the contact lens cos very long never wear contact lens liao) and i used it to camouflage my red eyes, it did helps abit!

And then, i went to Lotte Duty Free @ COEX Mall, bagged 2 more MCM goods.

A 3/4 wallet for myself!

I wanted to get long wallet actually but that boutique don't have. I only saw the long version at the airport on the day i left Korea! =(

And a keyholder for ZY!

These are the "plain" types i'm talking about.

These are the classic prints which i dislike!

I secretly took this pic when the (super nice) sales assistant (male) wasn't looking. But i think even if he knows, he won't do anything to me. Cos i "secretly" took quite a few pictures there, lolol! But he did says that no pictures are allowed.

I can sell MCM paper bags now becos he gave me 5 paper bags for 2 items, lol!

If you didn't know yet, Korean guys (all those i met) are super nice and friendly, BUT most of the Korean ladies have very serious attitude problem. Koreans are rude, especially old folks, this is what my tour guide said, she's a Korean.

A closer view of the prints. No idea why, i just think it looks very "chiong", like pasam malam. To each of his own ba, i know many people love this prints, no offense ok?

Took this pic at the outlet where the staffs totally heck care about me taking pictures. Took quite a few there too, lol. Will blog about it when i'm free!

Bought a leather jacket on the 4th day cos it's cheap! About S$20 only!

And, this is the bag i bought with the balance amount of Korean won i have. (The balance of the balance, i gave all to Bobo liao!) This picture doesn't do any justice to this bag, it's pretty IRL. But i don't know when will i use it cos i just bought my Celine not long ago. =X

The samples i "collected" over the few days. They love giving samples, lotsa samples!

Oh, by the way, have you guys heard about the war declaration news? My mum said, if the news broke out earlier, she will not allow us to go liao. WAH, count my lucky star for choosing the right time to go (even though the exchange rate is much better now)! Thank god i decided to spend all my Korean won there, otherwise, i think i'll be regretting right now. Spent too much liao, need to start working & saving hard now!!!

I'm glad that i left my footprints in Seoul during this lifetime. Hope that the news is just a rumour cos i'd love to visit Seoul again! =)

I'm very very sure my husband and kids missed me alot becos they kept calling and calling me! I seldom answer their calls cos my stupid phone is spoil, i can't hear anything unless i on the speaker. Crazy right? So many people around! And also, phone bills very expensive leh. They called just to listen to my voice lor! ZY called and tell me that he very ke lian, cos the kids refused to go home when i'm not around! -.- Raeann called and ask me to buy mask for her teachers! Aiyo, i go Korea, she also must go and tell her teachers???

I only called my mum once to report safety and the kids once on the first day. Other than that, i used whatsapp to contact my mum whenever there is wifi. Didn't call or msg ZY at all until the last day when i was about the board the plane, lol!


  1. hiiii can you remember the price of your MCM stuff? is it cheaper in a duty free shop? thank youuu

    1. Hello, eh, I cannot remember liao. But yes, it's cheaper in Korea duty free shop. :)


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