Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nails by Irene!

Hi people, today i'm gonna publicize Irene's (my PRC manicurist) contact here, to make it convenient for all of us! Well, the reason why i didn't do so last time was cos she was still holding a job and doing home based mani/pedi is just her "side line". I don't know if it will affect her job if i were to post it publicly. Which is why i asked those who are really interested to email me instead. I'm not selfish, i'll consider all factors before i speak/do something, i don't speak/do without using my brain.

She told me that a reader whom stayed in the east went to her for mani/pedi before CNY. Haha, whose that? HELLO!!! I'm happy i helped people in a way, and that tiny weeny bit of influential power. Thank you for reading my blog & trusting me! :)

Randomly picked one design from her books today! 

And here's her contact:-

Irene, located at Bukit Panjang Ring Road.
HP : 9088 3120
(By appointment ONLY!)

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