Friday, March 22, 2013

Office is like my 2nd home!

This morning, the moment i stepped in, i squeezed white heads on my face. Cos i'm those who can't stand to see anything on my face, i will squeeze, touch and meddle with it until i 爽. Leaving my face with swollen bumps, i proceeded to paint my nails... LOL

Brought my nails barangs to work today!!

My nails are so short now so it's no point to do gelish, i've no time to go and find Irene either. And since i only want to do normal painting, i decided to D.I.Y. I saved... $4 + to & fro trip. Hah! No time to do it tonight or tomorrow cos i need to pack my luggage.

So far, this is the BEST top coat i've ever used, recommended by Irene. Super fast dry + super shiny! But beware of counterfeit if you purchase online. I asked Irene to help me buy at $15 or $18 per bottle (free one mini bottle, damn cute!), can't remember.

While waiting for it to dry (in this ugly state), i was asked to go out for lunch. And i went, with ugly nails and swollen bumps on my face which i've totally forgotten. FML

Then before that, some bankers paid visit. I was hiding inside my room to paint my nails then my mum suddenly open the door and they said HI to me. And i heard them saying, "wah, painting nails in office ah". LOL!!! Aiyoyo, so paiseh!

Raeann was here during the last few days, so i took the chance to teach her some work, give her spelling & etc. Wah, teaching own kids will 'tio lai siong' (中内伤), really. Cos have to act stern and fierce while controlling laughter when she tried to bargain & bargain & bargain & bargain with me!!! 

Asked her to follow Bo home first while i go and pick meimei. On the way home, Bo sent me this pic...

Bo: Raeann, 不要睡!!!!
Raeann: 我没有睡... (In this semi-sleeping look!)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! She was trying VERY HARD to keep herself awake!!! This girl, totally opposite from her sister, she can fall asleep super easily one! Her sleeping habit is just like her father, which is good!

Funny conversation last night:-

Me: Raeann, time for bed! 
Raeann: But 臭阿爸 haven come back leh!
Me: He go out with his friends, won't be back so early.
Raeann: HUH! 早知道我就跟他去,可以盯住他,看他有没有搞什么鬼. 

LOLOL! You see har, not i control him hor, his 宝贝女儿 is the one doing so and he's so willing to let her control. She's a very good spy, hahahah!

She wore her sunglass lidat and sut sut walk around the whole house!

Okay, i gotta go... Need to list down what i need to buy/pack now!


  1. You have two good daughters :)

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you but they're not that angel, really. Haha!


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