Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ok, I'm back!

Wah, seriously cannot stand the weather here, it's killing me even though I on the aircon to the lowest temperature.

Flight was being delayed due to turbulence and Raeann (& ZY) waited at the airport for me for more than 2 hours. Poor baby girl, she was so sleepy till she just wanna sleep even when I tempted her with all the Power Ranger gifts I got for her.

It's damn hard to find Children stuffs there, let alone, Power Ranger. But thanks to my power legs which walked more than 10,000 miles these few days, I managed to find many gifts for her!

So lazy to unpack, I just took out some and threw the rest there, shall pack them tomorrow.

I didn't really spent alot but my luggage was overweight already! Still have a balance of 710,000 won (about S$830 according to the rate i changed) today, and I splurged on one MCM bag (699,000 won). Don't wanna bring back & change back to SGD cos it's not worth it as the exchange rate had worsen these few days.

Well, I'm not really into MCM cos I totally hate their classic prints, I find them so ugly. All those I bought are their latest plain ones. The reason why I splurge so much on MCM is cos that's the only branded that's so worth to buy there.

According to my tour mates, there's only one MCM boutique inside our T2 Duty Free but their price is about 50% more than Korea's boutiques, at least 30-40% more for the latest arrivals. So I just buy lah, since the price is so tempting!! Buy first, earn later! Haha

My total spending on shopping (inclusive of the bag) is S$2.4K. And I'm 200% satisfied and happy about this trip! :)


  1. Hey,share pics of ur mcm lei... Wanting to buy as its so Hot now but the brown print was sux...

    1. Yes, same sentiment, I really dislike their classic brown with black MCM prints all over. It just look very pasam malam goods to me. It's indeed a brand that can be invested now as I believe the price will up more and more as this brand is coming back in trend. It was so popular during my generation.

      The pictures are all inside my camera but my 7 yr old laptop is sooooo freaking slow & damaged right now till it can't detect any memory card. So I can only post them when I get back to work.


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