Friday, March 22, 2013

People DO get annoyed!

Hey, while waiting for my nails to dry (lol, i haven pack luggage yet cos i suddenly hate the previous nail color!), i'm gonna share with you guys something i've learnt along the way, after a few years of interaction on social media platforms. Which is...


It means, people who constantly post about repetitive stuffs, i.e 1) tons of similar pictures, 2) proving/telling the whole wide world how noble he/she is, 3) telling the whole wide world how happy/blessed he/she is, 4) telling the whole wide world what he/she has gone through, 5) scolding & complaining about the same old issues & so and so forth.

Now you know why i seldom post on Twitter/Instagram/FB nowadays. Becos i realised, PEOPLE GET ANNOYED by same old boring shits.

And, please don't say that people are jealous of you just becos they are annoyed by your shits!

This was a mistake i made many many many years ago. But you see, i admitted and learnt my mistake and i never do it again. 每个人都会长大,对吗?

HOWEVER, there are still small minority of people who never grow up. I'm puzzled why too!

They are always trying (way too hard) to prove their worth to people they don't even know in real life (strangers) cos they crave for alot of attentions and praises, i think. There are, of cos, people who will "support" them but these people (trust me) will get annoyed one day too.

These type of people, either they STOP constantly posting shits or just disappear from all the social medias before he/she becomes a public enemy.

P/S : You think you're cool but people see u as a joke!


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