Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pre-holiday Jittery

HELP!!! I think I'm suffering from pre-holiday jittery!!

Keep thinking...

1) What clothes should i bring?
2) Which camera should i bring?
3) How much $ should i change/bring? & etc...

And keep checking out the weather forecast too, lolol!

(Feel like selling away my new compact camera cos i rarely use it!!! Condition like brand new! Anyone interested? It's great for camwhore!!!)

Yesterday, we went down for our tour briefing & paid off the balance amount. Everything was normal until at night when i was arranging with my mum when to put Meimei to aunt's place.

(We think that it's inappropriate to bring Meimei to the airport to send me off cos she will cry like hell.)

Then I started to feel sad! Sigh

I gonna miss my two girls very much for sure...

I hope they will behave themselves during the 6 days! 


  1. No doubt u will miss the girls. But take the chance to rest and recharge urself! It's a well deserved break for u!!


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