Friday, March 15, 2013

Teacher plays an important role!

Raeann just called and remind me to print some "Happy Birthday" coloring sheets for her cos her form teacher's birthday is coming... Haha, i wonder how she knows huh?

Anyway, Raeann has shown tremendous improvements and interest in studies/school this year. She has been practicing writing at home, on her own will. Her handwriting, as compared to last year, is 5x nicer now!

She loves her K2 teachers, i supposed. Cos never for once, she wanna skip school. In fact, she has been telling me that she loves school now! =)

Haha, so shocked to receive this letter last week! Raeann sent it from her school, lolol!

But one thing i find it very weird is, she prefers Chinese more than English. She can remember every single Chinese word she learnt in school and keep writing it at home. I believe that most children prefer English more? Why she so special? (Her mummy, me has returned most of the Chinese knowledge back to the teacher liao! I can read, no problem, but i can't write. HAHA!)

Anyway, i'm not gonna force/push them too hard in their studies. Like i tweeted before, 会读就是会读, don't have to force/push too hard. 逼得太紧会有反效果!

In my opinion, 人缘 & opportunities are much more important than qualifications to excel in life. And without 孝顺, 口德, responsibility and/or respect (for others), 读再多也没有用!

P/S : I always believe "how you treat your parents = how your kids will treat you in future". If you don't respect (always raising voice at them) your parents, your kids probably won't respect you in future too, no matter how much you love them. It's all in a cycle!!!

But still, the two utmost VERY important; 健康 + 平安. Therefore, having HIGH qualifications to me, is not that important at all! If they wish to, i won't stop. If they don't wish to, i won't force either.

Okay, going out to sign the bank contract now! *pray*

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