Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who doesn't love surprises?

Wow, my blog views shoot up double yesterday, lolol! Anyway, the husband's back! I heard him walking up the stairs at 7:15am and i told Raechelle, "your papa is back"! Yeap, i can recognize his foot steps! He bought about half a lorry of stuffs back for himself & us. He didn't get me any boots but he got me 3 jackets, a watch, hp casings & accessories and a bag, clothes & shoes for the kiddos. Pretty impressed cos all the sizes are okay. Well, he didn't ask me for their sizes. I said he's a shopping king liao!

Quite cute hor?

Jialat, i don't know which one to bring to Korea!!! 

It doesn't have to be branded or expensive in order to make me happy. Country bum like me is easily contented, unlike those self-proclaimed high class people. Such people (not all) will buy fake branded goods to portray themselves as "high class". (Becos they're afraid of people looking down on them as they love looking down on others?) Sorry, i'd rather carry a cheapo bag with no brand than a fake branded. No money, don't buy, it's this simple! 

Just in case people thought i'll complain to the whole world about those hate comments, (un)fortunately, my mouth is not that big. I don't usually tell my problems to others, not even my family nor ZY. Is there a need to? If i can't even protect myself, how am i able to protect my kids? An authentic complaint queen is one who kpkb almost everyday. Did i? I don't think so! Please get your facts right before insulting someone ok?

I got a shock when i saw this yesterday cos i don't remember buying any stuffs from Reebonz lately! Then i think & think, "did i accidentally clicked & paid something on my phone?", "did i buy something & forgot about it?". Luckily no! Reebonz sent me some vouchers & note book for being their solitaire member! Thank you Reebonz, you've got excellent after-purchase services! =)

Sigh, ZY is back but parents are leaving to Hatyai tomorrow. We might be going too, during April. Not confirmed yet, they're still planning. Only low class people like us know how to appreciate "cheapskate" country like Hatyai becos our eyes doesn't grow on top of our head, WE DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ANYONE! (",)


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