Monday, March 18, 2013

Why always so crowded?!

Here I am at SNEC again, bringing my dad for his eyes check up. I really really dread coming here, cos it's always very crowded! Even when it's not so crowded, the minimum waiting time is at least 2 hours. I always come here with a happy mood but leave here fuming mad, hahaha!

To add on to my misery, I've to refrain myself from using my phone often, cos it gets low batt very fast!! Urgh!!

So I'm basically siting here, staring blankly at the wall, for many hours! Torturing!!

Seeing alot of old folks here set me thinking, "I better age healthily, if i'm still in SG. Else, not only i'll suffer, my family will suffer as well"!

The waiting time & medical fees are enough to kill!! No choice cos we're living in a country where our government "love" us so much! Can die, cannot sick ah!

P/S : U see, our government made our life so tensed up, we cannot afford to waste our precious time, waiting. So many things can be done during these few hours!!!

SIGH! Till now, almost 2 hours here, the doctor is still nowhere in sight!!! WTH, Lawrence ah, where are u hiding???

42% left. How much longer do I have go wait??? :(

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