Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Xuan Xuan's 18 months old today!

18 months old and ready to enter playgroup, another financial burden for us monthly. Checked out all the playgroups near my aunt's place already. The nearest (but most expensive) one is full, i think will have to go back to the one Raeann previously attended. Very competitive when you can't afford "branded" schools. 

Anyway, we brought her for vaccination today! This girl, tsk tsk, super tough, not even a whining sound made for all the injections she had. Asked her if it's pain? She still can shake her head and say "not pain". After that, still can dance, climb and walk around. Jitao no feeling one leh!

@ my aunt's place, pics taken by Angeline!

Sidetrack : Few nights ago, while putting meimei to bed, i gave her a stern warning; not to put her finger inside her mouth for fun. And i'm very very sure she knows how to listen cos the next thing i saw, she put her foot in!!! =.=

Brought the kids to my aunt's place, then proceeded to the salon for a hair "makeover" cos i've a wedding dinner this coming Saturday! I can't decide what to do with my hair even when i'm already at the salon. 


And this is what i did! Well, it's not this bright when not under the sunlight! 

I don't want to bleach becos my hair's already in a not so good condition. I'm afraid it will "chui"! Have been very hardworking applying tons of hair repairs/vitamins on my hair recently. Luckily, it still can be cured ah! 

I'm a millionaire, in S.Korea!!! Hahahaha

That's $2K SGD! I don't know if it's enough to last me through the entire trip but i hope so!!! Didn't want to bring more cos i'm worried that my luggage will overweight! =X 

倒数四天!!! =)

I count my blessings each and everyday for all the good things and nice people in my life!


  1. Happy 18th to Cutie! Ur hair chio lo... ;)

    1. Thank u leen!! Haha, it's not this bright when no sunlight ah~


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