Wednesday, April 10, 2013


And i'm contented!!!

Ever since the day i departed to Seoul 24th March 2013, i've been eating and eating and eating and eating and eating and eating, non stop, till today!!! Snacking in between meals on lotsa crackers, cakes, bread and kuey lapis.

ZY is crazy lor, he expected me to finish the whole big box of kuey lapis in just one day!!! But i've been eating a few pieces in the morning and a few pieces at night, for the past few days, gosh!

I dare not weigh myself, cos i don't wish to see any horrifying digits on the weighing machine, lolol.

But today, i decided to face the music and stepped on the weighing machine.


Wow, what kind of magic sorcery is this???? I remained at 48kgs!!!

Eat alot also 48, eat little also 48, siao one!

Ok lah, i know 48kgs for my height at 157cm (used to be 158-159cm lor), is not slim. But now, i've accepted the fact that i cannot go slimmer than that, becos i'll look very haggard and OLD!!! I definitely do not want that!!!

I want to look younger than my actual age and i actually achieved it. NOBODY SAID I'M MY AGE BEFORE, everyone i met (since 10 years ago), guessed that i'm way younger than my actual age. Maybe they're just trying to make me happy, maybe it's just a way to be polite, but i'm still happy. LOL

By the way, i'm cutting down on using falsies (or using more natural brown falsies, no falsies in the above pic anyway) nowadays! Becos i wanna act Korean, i wanna do Ulzzang makeup, which is to go easy on the eye makeup! HAHAHAHAHA! But apparently, i think i failed! Still trying!!! And oh, shit, i bought some cosmetics this morning!!! So tempted to get somemore!! =X

Edited : 1:39pm

Just back from lunch... While lunching, received these photos from Bobo!

Model : Raeann Ho & Raechelle Ho
Photography & Hairstyle : Bobo Ng


  1. told ya, u r slim and ... mama im 50kg :~~

    1. But u don't look like 50kg leh, like 40++ only. And i don't look like 48 too, more like 50+, lol!

  2. ren bu ke mao xiang... i tell myself it's my bone mass HAHA!


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