Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beautilicious; Seoul Shiok :: Day 1 & 2

Date : 24th & 25th March 2013

Singapore ~ Incheon ~ Seoul

Skin Anniversary Beauty Town -> Paju Premium Outlets -> Bibimbap & Steamboat Lunch -> National Folk Museum of Korea -> Gyeongbokgung Palace -> Cheonggyecheon -> Ginseng Chicken Soup Dinner -> Hotel (Omokgyo Co-op Residence)

Much as i wanted to blog about those interesting stuffs i did in Seoul, before that excitement fades away, my mind and body refused to cooperate. I think i left my soul in Seoul cos ever since i returned, i've been so tired and sleepy, the more i sleep, the more tired i get. To think that i was super energetic during the 5 days in Seoul, despite walking more than 10,000 miles and climbing more than 20 long stairs everyday for the last 3 days. I can do anything for shopping. Haha! Bring me back to Seoul, please!

Noooooo, i MUST blog about it before i forget the details!!! And if i were to visit again (maybe in few years time?), i'll have something to refer to. How much i regret not blogging about my Taiwan trip in 2008! :(

From the title; Beautilicious Seoul, do u roughly know the itinerary of this semi tour? Oh yes, it's more about beauty (skincare & cosmetics) and shopping, with a little sightseeing, a trip specially made for all the ladies out there!!!

Of cos, we have male tour mates too but there are only 3 out of 17. LOL! Two uncles (accompanying their family) and one 26 year old guy (accompanying his mum, lolol). It's not wrong for male to join this tour lah but just awkward lor. Anyway, it's none of my business and i don't bother unless he stepped on my tail, but he didn't lah. In fact, he's quite nice, helpful and friendly. And hey, he doesn't believe that i'm 29 and married with two kids, lolol!!! (He said i look young and thought that i'm at the most 25 and Bobo's 23, lol!!!)

Gained some knowledge about skincare from my Korean tour guide. Wow, her skin/complexion is really very good at her age! She said, Koreans put their looks as number ONE priority. They can afford to go hungry, but can't afford to look ugly.

The amount of stuffs they applied on their face everyday and the food they eat play a very big part to their beautiful skin. The food that authentic Koreans eat are actually quite ... tasteless bland! Which is why i said i don't really like it! But it's damn healthy!!! And oh, i don't see much fat people in Seoul, maybe like 1/300 only (not super fat kind, just big sized). Becos they eat healthy food and climb plenty of stairs everyday. Maybe i should just migrate there, since i can't slim down in Singapore. Alright, enough of my craps, pictures time!!! =D

Inside the car before dropping meimei off at aunt's place!

This is super duper yummy!!! 

Family sent us off, had a sumptuous good meal with them at the airport. Okay, i'm very lousy, i actually teared (and teared) upon bidding goodbye to my kiddos! =X Raeann said, "你不要哭啦,你哭我也要哭了". LOL! I'm still the strong me but i just hate "goodbyes", especially from my family members. Sometimes, i'd rather nobody send me off, so i can leave nonchalantly. On a side note, my SIL said that ZY looked very sad on the way home, lolol! 

In very minimal make-up since it's a night flight. 

Flight was being delayed for 1 hour and we each got a S$10 complimentary Refreshment Coupon from Changi Airport! (She siao one, take night flight in full make-up!! -.-)

Then we saw this old couple... I think they are Koreans in SG for holiday, same flight as us to go back to S.Korea. Flight delayed so they sliced, cutted and ate one whole papaya at the airport with one plastic knife. Damn steady can! They jitao "made themselves feel at home", lolol! 

And finally...

Served food not long after we boarded the plane. SO FULL HOW TO EAT!!!


We arrived at Incheon International Airport!!! So excited becos it's 1 degree!!! 

She's asking me to take the "smoke" coming out from her mouth when she talks! 

Got up the bus, bun up my hair! Oh, i brought falsie along to put it on the plane 20 minutes before touching down.

First stop : Skin Anniversary Beauty Town

We were being brought there for a FREE skin analysis, facial and mask specially customized according to our skin type. It's FREE, provided that you're firm enough not to buy any of their expensive products. 

They're too pro, you won't be able to leave empty handed unless someone has already informed you before hand. LOL

Me and Bo got the same skin type! 

How thoughtful of them to "freshen" us up after a long night flight! Can't deny that the massage is damn shiok!!!

Shiok lah, we ended up 195,000 won poorer, hahaha! 

The area for us to touch up our make-up for FREE after the facial. 

Nail polish too, FREE.

Proceeded to the mini Teddy Bear Museum just beside it after touching up our make-up!

3D walls!!!

2nd stop : Paju Premium Outlets

Beautiful, huge and COLD!!! 

I liked this pic, but after that i realised, the "black patch" above my head is the camera strap! -.- Bo is damn good at this kind of skill! 

She bought a wallet at a steal, super cheap, less than S$200!!!


Lunch : Bibimbap & Steamboat

I really "jiak bo lor"...

3rd stop : The National Folk Museum of Korea

This place... is freaking... COLDDDDDD!

Feels like -5 degrees lor! And i was sneezing all the way when i was there!

There's a "myth" about this stone, whereby you will conceive a SON after touching it. Bobo asked me to touch and take a pic, I REFUSED. (Cos i don't want to give birth again!!!)

Learnt abit of Korean cultures and history here! =D

This is for coffin to be put inside. Unlike SG, Koreans think is very lucky & auspicious to see funerals around! 

4th stop : Gyeongbokgung Palace (Just beside the Folk Museum!)

Most classic picture of the trip!

5th stop : Cheonggyecheon (Cheonggye Stream)

Dinner : Ginseng Chicken Soup

Ginseng wine, which tasted damn yucky!!!

The tour agency is very nice to give 2 pieces of mask to each person as a souvenir!

Last stop of the day : Hotel (Omokgyo Co-op Residence)

The hotel room got stove and microwave one! LOL

Ended my day 1 with cold medicine and woke up very refreshed and energized the next day! I told Bo, "ask me to go sightseeing, i will fall sick, ask me to go shopping, i got 200% energy"! 


  1. looking at your Celine luggage makes me very tempted to get Celine phantom now now. haha. but it is so expensive. hai.. can only wait and hope that his friend manage to get it for me from Paris.. ~.-


    1. Hey Joey,

      Phantom is the one with two strings at the side issit?

      You know, i NEVER regret getting this Celine at all. Be it size, color or shape, I LOVE IT TO THE CORE!!!

      I hope you can get yours soon, cos Celine has been UP-ing their prices alot in the recent years.

    2. yes yes! the 2 strings at e side one. haha
      i went to try it on e boutique and super love it already.
      hopefully can get from Europe. so can save up to 1k.

      why is Celine so ex...


    3. I agree with you that Celine is so ex now, it wasn't so ex in the past. But it just means that it's getting more and more popular becos people find it nice and useful. Trust me, you will not regret getting one becos it fits so well with any type of dressing, formal or casual, no problem. But i think color plays a big role as well, what color are u getting?

      Yeap, get in Europe more worth, but i heard popular colors always sold out worldwide???

    4. yep. true that it is much more popular now compared to last time. also, it is so suitable for any kind of occasion!

      i want to get the grey croc phantom! haha.

      the one i wanted is not sold out yet. =p but the one i wanted initially, red smooth calfskin leather, cant seem to find it in europe store.


    5. Hope you can get yours soon, before Celine UP it's price, again!!! (Last year UP 2-3 times lor!) I'm gonna send mine to bag spa liao. Heehee!

    6. yea. i also hope i get it before they UP again.
      i didnt know they UP their prices 2-3x in a year. oh gosh!

      i thot you got it less than 2 months? so fast bring go spa. haha. the bag is leading a good life. hehehe. =)


    7. LOL, now very "sio" this bag mah, so will take care. When i got new love, then she will be neglected. HAHAHAHA

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