Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beautilicious; Seoul Shiok :: Day 3

Date : 26th March 2013


Porridge Breakfast -> Shinchon Ladies Street -> Dongdaemum -> COEX Mall -> Gogigui (Korean BBQ) Dinner @ Yeongdeungpo (Lunch & Dinner on our own!) -> Hotel

Fact no. 1 : According to our tour guide, Ms Vivian, she said that good skin care & cosmetic products MADE IN KOREA doesn't export overseas. Therefore, those we can see in SG (like Faceshop, Nature Republic, Missha etc) are considered below average brands in S.Korea. I think it's true becos i see those shops everywhere, on every streets and MRT stations, and their products are selling mad cheap. Becos it's everywhere, i seldom step into those shops lor. I bought most of my stuffs from shops that are only available in S.Korea and of cos, MADE IN KOREA.

Fact no. 2 : Ms Vivian asked us to check and make sure it's MADE IN KOREA (and not MADE IN CHINA) before buying, becos China is very good at imitation. But of cos, MADE IN KOREA goods are not cheap okay!


Breakfast : Porridge & Mantou

5 different flavors of porridge!! To me, they all tasted the same; bland! Very weird combination leh? Didn't eat much. Kimchi is provided in every Korean food restaurants and is refillable, you can eat as much as you like! 

First stop : Shinchon Ladies Street


One of our crazy & pretty tour mate, Sylvia, behind Bobo! 

"too cool for school" skin cares & cosmetics shop! I only saw ONE "too cool for school" shop throughout my entire trip. Sylvia said their BB Foundation Lunch Box and don't know what base is very popular one & it's only available in S.Korea!!! 

This brand, Shara Shara, their products are really quite good!!! I regret not buying more!!! :( Only saw ONE Shara Shara shop throughout my entire trip too!

Tony Moly is EVERYWHERE! 

Bought my degree-less white frame spec in this shop!

Bought my boots in this shop!

Wear immediately! LOL

Topokki! One of the BEST food i ate in Seoul, in our top 3 list!

About S$4.00 per plate! 

Mini Inspired Bags! SUPER CUTE! I bought two! About S$12 each! ^.^

Back in bus, off to Dongdaemum!

2nd stop : Dongdaemum (Can u spot me? LOL)

Inside Doota!

High end shopping mall, designer brands (popular in S.Korea), bery expensive! 

Desperately searching for MEAT... If not she's falling sick...



Ice cream in ultra cold weather!!


Walked to another building...

Just like our Bugis street? 

P/S : People often recommend Dongdaemum as a shopping hotspot. But it seems otherwise to me leh. I didn't see anything that i fancy there, never buy anything from there also, except some stuffs from their drugstore. 

Very cute hor??

Tour mate; Chelsy from Batam! =D

3rd stop : COEX Mall

Jackie Chan's restaurant!

Hmm, no idea what is this?!

The very nice Sales Assistant!!! 

Going back to the hotel before setting out for dinner ourselves, together, except the family of 3 from JB, they're very low profile throughout the whole trip. 

Everyone was given this card with (min) 5,000 won credit in it, to take MRT. 

Walking to MRT station...

Dinner : Gogigui (Korean BBQ) Dinner @ Yeongdeungpo 
(Highly Recommended! Cheap & good! Service 顶呱呱!)

The boss (& his wife) are nice to give us FREE soft drinks & 1 bowl of FREE soup! 

We had Korean beer/wine/whatever i don't know which is quite nice! =P

With the boss!

And the lady boss! ^.^
Everything for about S$11 per pax only!!! Cheap right?

Look at her very satisfied face!

STAIRSSS... We have to climb up/down many of such stairs in each MRT stations! :`(

We managed to catch the last train!!! Phewz!

Back to hotel, bathe, blow hair, put plaster, off to bed!  #KTHXBYE

This is quite good, and useful for shoppaholic like me! LOL


  1. Reading your post on Korea trip, made me feel like going back Korea lei :p
    I have good memories too :)
    Hope I can go back again....when? when? when? haiz...

    1. Now? Now??? I saw that the air tix & hotels damn cheap now! Currency too!!! If i can, i sure go again now de lor!

    2. No Kakis lei :(
      Looking forward of your updates of Korea trip again...
      Happy Thursday :)

  2. i coming in everyday to read your update for KR trip lol.

    ni jiu yi ci guo rang wo kan de guo ying ke yi ma?

    1. I'm trying!!! Cos i took pictures like nobody business, need to sort and filter! LOL


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