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Beautilicious; Seoul Shiok :: Day 4

Date : 27th March 2013

Seoul ~ By MRT

Namdaemum -> Myeongdong Street -> Ewha Womans Univ -> Juno Hair -> Shinchon Ladies Street -> Hotel

Fact no. 1 : They have FREE wifi in their town area, wifi is strongest in the middle of Myeongdong Street! =D

Fact no. 2 : Everyone asked me to apply more moisturizer as the weather there is very cold/dry. But surprisingly, my skin and hair turn out nicer in cold/dry weather! What i do is, i applied BB cream. (In SG, BB cream is too oily for me.) And hair hor, wow, 1 day never wash also won't feel oily or itchy one lor!

And oh, how much we misses having a bus to shutter us around. Becos carrying our heavy shopping loots to walk, climb stairs & take MRT around is no joke!!!

Woke up with red eyes! It got worst in the night! :(

This is the nearest MRT station, 5 mins walk from our hotel! Quite ULU one!

(Bo took one pic for me here too, but with additional camera strap, AGAIN!!!)

Ms Vivian brought us to take MRT, explaining to us about the routes and all. I never pay attention to what she said, sorry. =X

Lotte Duty Free

Behind me is, Namdaemum. (If i didn't get it wrong cos i wasn't paying attention again! =X)

And here we are, at Myeongdong Street.

We walked into this small lane to search for food...

Ended up in this place!

Yah, i know my dressing looked damn weird that day but no choice cos i only brought 1 knitted sweater (the pink one) and this Adidas jacket. I thought i damn sut mah, can take negative degrees Celsius coldness with just two thin outer wear, lolol. But say real one, as long as not negative or between 0 to 3 degrees Celsius, i can take it lah, no problem! That day is about 6 degrees Celsius! 

She said this is recommended by many people and too bad we didn't saw this restaurant earlier! 

Super model!

Waiting for Chelsy & Lili to take MRT together to meet Sylvia, Ivy & Janet @ Shinchon to do our hair!

They were (very) late and we had to leave if not we will be late on the other side. 

But end up, we took the wrong train becos they thought Sincheon = Shinchon. One letter missing, miles apart. 1 hour+ of train ride! Luckily we got seats! LOL! 

We alighted at Shinchon station but it looks so different from the one we went yesterday!!! I tried to ask around in chicken and duck language, took the receipt from the stuff i bought yesterday, showed and asked around. One aunty told me to take a bus there, 4 bus stops away but she never say what bus number, lolol. 

We got into the train again and took back 1 station before...

But it still looks very different! :(

Bo said this is nice but i think it's too sweet!!!

Walk and see, walk and see and i received a msg from Sylvia saying that they're lost, we too! Haha

We had initially planned to go to Juno Hair at Shinchon together but, Juno Hair is everywhere in Seoul and their service is damn good (well, at least for the 2 outlets i went)! :) So we saw "Juno Hair" while walking and we decided to do our hair seperately, since we don't know how to walk to Shinchon! 

Juno Hair = Super highly recommended!!! ^.^

We had to put our stuffs into the locker and change into their robe. But before that, the hairstylist will have a serious discussion with you first, on how/what you wanna do to your hair. My hairstylist is a male and he's super... funny?

Our guess : Korean males are super confident of themselves and love to take photos, lolol! 

Okay, i asked if i can bring my camera along to snap the procedure (sounds stupid i know) but my hairstylist thought i wanna take picture with him!!! He kept asking me, "photo? photo?", whahahahaha!!! 

Their hair wash seats are damn shiok lor! 

He's super duper gentle with my hair, comb super duper slow one. 

2 persons attending to me, and i paid about S$20 only.

Drink and snacks are served for FREE, can choose from menu one hor, even when you go for a normal hair wash @ S$10!!! Something we can't find and see in Singapore, for sure! 

Bo's hairstylist!

And this's mine! I showed this pic to my tour mate and he commented, "几 close 一下", HAHAHA! Bo said better keep this photo from ZY, lolol. Aiya, it's just a normal photo what! Nothing to hide! You see, i always ask ZY to take photos with me and i always got rejected, until i sian liao, don't even wanna ask now. It's not as if i refused to take with him but i happily take with other guys what! And hor, this guy is the one dying to take photo with me okay! LOL

But seriously, their service is really good! They even sent us off till downstairs! I'll go back if i've the chance to visit Seoul again!

New hairstyle!! Got Korean feel anot? LOL

Manual laminate machine!

Getting colder and colder as the sky gets darker and darker.

Food hunting...

And we saw this!

She looked damn sian cos the boss kept disturbing her, lolol. But she didn't tell me until the next day!!! 

I still think the boss looks quite okay? LOL! MY EYES SO DAMN RED!!! 

I'm wearing 2 jackets, the new leather one inside! LOL

Their Daiso has different pricing one!

Took a cab back to hotel. Cab driver not honest, cheated me few hundred won!

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