Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beautilicious; Seoul Shiok :: Day 5

Date : 28th March 2013

Seoul ~ By MRT

Myeongdong Street -> Dongdaemum -> Hongdae -> Hotel

Chelsy offered us a trip to Everland as she has driver to come and pick/send us to & fro there and etc. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we have to back out last minute! But we didn't regret!! Glad that we went back to Myeongdong Street and stayed for awhile, otherwise we won't know that it gets more and more happening as the night falls! And Hongdae; MUST go!!!

Here we are at Myeongdong Street, again.

And to satisfy Bo's craving...

We had Yoogane for brunch!!!

Another one of the BEST food we had in Seoul, in our top 3 list too!!! =D

Alot of free gifts in every shop!!

She kept saying want to learn how to make Kimchi at this place, but we never go lah! I don't like Kimchi! 

Inside Supermarket, waiting for Bo! (She was buying instant noodle! -.-)

All the 路边摊 start popping out one by one at about 4pm. 

And this... Nice leh!!! 

When you buy, they will place it into a paper bag and take a hammer to knock knock knock it into small pieces. When he's knocking hor, i on my camera. But when i was about to shoot, he finish knocking liao. LOL!!! So i said, "huh? knock finish liao ah?" And i asked him to take back and knock again so i can snap a picture! With his super blur look, he really took back and knock again and pose for me to snap... 

LOLOLOLOL! Told u that Korean guys love taking photos liao! HAHAHAHAHA

Then, we took MRT to Dongdaemum cos they said shopping is very cheap there as it's wholesale! Bobo want to buy a pair of boots!!! 

Stairssss everywhere!!!

But... again... the place looks very unfamiliar when we walked out from the MRT!

We ended up at this place!

Wholesale for fur, fabric, buttons and etc! LOL

We asked around, they pointed to us how to go in a chicken and duck language! 

Walk, walk, walk...

And we finally found the wholesale buildings! We thought there's only 1 but there are about 6-7 (or maybe more) wholesale buildings, oh my god! 

But sad to say, except level 1 which sell undergarments & socks, all the other levels has closed already! Same goes for all the other buildings! 

We think they're only open in the morning, since it's wholesale? 

Actually, half of level 1 also closed already!

Too cold and Bo's legs were breaking (Korean ah mas walk faster than her lor!) so we into a cafe to "hide". 

This is Hongdae

Very happening at night!!! 

Hopped into Juno Hair (Hongdae outlet) to wash my hair becos i'm so lazy to blow it dry!!! 

See? Seoul shiok right??? And i swear, everyone at Juno Hair are damn nice and friendly. The lady whom was attending to me saw me trying to connect to Seoul wifi. She immediately gave me Juno Hair wifi password. Can we ever get this kind of service in SG, just by paying S$10? NO. 

Just like our Clarke Quay? Alot of pubs around!!! 

When i was at Juno Hair, i tried to check in (but failed cos i don't know which is the one, all in Korean words) and i saw that Hello Kitty Cafe was nearby! So we asked around and deng deng, we found it!!! ^.^

Had our dinner at Orange Room! 

He asked for our age, i didn't think much, i told him 21, lolol. But after that then i know, in S.Korea, below 21 are not allowed to drink or enter such places. HAHA! Very special leh, room by room one, like our KTV rooms but much smaller! (Well, we got take 1 picture there lah but my face's damn super chui in that picture, sigh!) 

Then, guess what happened?

Bo OVER-ORDERED!!! Always like that de lor! Order so much, cannot finish then say wasted. Then gobble down the food herself and complain stomach pain after that!!! I tried to stop her but she just heck about my words. End up, get scolding from me lor! 

Portions SO BIG, 2 persons how to finish??? Look at her very cham face!

We packed the more than 3/4 left stupid egg back and offered it to the aunty working at the provision shop beside our hotel, lolol. She was so thankful! (It's clean cos we cut out one small part and ate that part only!)

Saw a very ugly Crayon Shinchan on our way out! 

Took a cab back again! All the cab drivers use GPS one!


  1. Looking at ur blog post make me wanna go korea!!! But the news say north korea n south korea declare war status... ;(

    1. Aiya, i don't think will war de lor. Now is the best time to go actually. Everything is so cheap, currency so weak!!!

  2. WOW, day 5 like very happening! no wonder!

    SO FUN!

    1. LOL! YES!!! Phewz, finally completed all the 6 days posts! Happy reading! ^.^

    2. ya, i can stop stalking your website.. can rest in peace lol

  3. Wow really good post:) are their cab rides expensive?

    1. To be honest, I really forget liao. But I think slightly cheaper than SG only.


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