Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautilicious; Seoul Shiok :: Day 6

Date : 29th March 2013

Seoul ~ Incheon ~ Singapore

Chinese (Porridge) Breakfast -> Ginseng Monopoly Show Room -> Cosmetic Duty Free Shop -> Korea (Tourist) Provision Shop -> Incheon International Airport 

LAST DAY!!! And we have to check out at 7:40 am!!! Wah lau, all of us were complaining that we don't wanna waste our time to see what Ginseng, everyone's not interested in Ginseng, lolol. Becos of this early check out, we have to be back in the hotel early the night before, to pack our luggage!!!

Grumpy old me!

Checkered stocking at around S$5.00!! Nice or not? 

Vivian brought us here for breakfast!

No Kimchi cos it's a Chinese restaurant. Quite okay but i didn't really eat much becos i saw something else more tempting before that...

THIS! I kept seeing this bakery shop on my bus ride. But when i wanna buy, i didn't see any. And i was told, their bread/cakes/everything very delicious!!! 

And indeed, no regret buying alot, cos really very yummy!

This is damn good! =)

At the Ginseng showroom, we were warned NOT TO take any picture there. But i saw this in the toilet... Don't throw into toilet bowl then throw where? Not smelly?? People shit how??

Took these two pictures secretly, really very secretly, becos they will scold!

Accidentally snapped a shot of Janet's new MCM. Nice right? Plain and classy!!!

Wah lau, all the Ginseng SO expensive, all over thousand USD. Luckily i was told not to buy any Ginseng before hand, and i really can't stand Ginseng taste so i didn't buy anything from there! Bought a pack of Ginseng sweet home at Myeongdong supermarket at half the price! -.-

Next, Cosmetic Duty Free Shop.

Heard of this brand, Odbo? It's from The FaceShop but not available for sales anywhere else, not even in S.Korea. You can only get it from this shop but they don't serve any walk-in hor, need tour agency to bring you there. And i heard & tested, their products not bad but abit too strong for sensitive skin. I quite interested to buy their don't know what Botox one but it's S$110 per box (1 month) and need 3 boxes (at least) to see result. So expensive, i can't bear to spend this money! Buy 1 box, might as well don't buy. Thus, i didn't buy anything there too!  

See! Only young guy always tio aim and tekan one, lolol! But he quite steady lah! 

Sigh, i wanted to take with the long stairs but... HAIZ... No choice, my sis has got this 歪歪症, most of the pictures she took for me are either 歪 or not centralized, if you didn't realise yet...

杀人放火 shop!

Got scolded after taking this pic! NO PICTURE ALLOWED! 

Know why? Cos all the stuffs are so expensive. Kimchi and seaweed more than double the price of Myeongdong supermarket! But bo bian, we have to get something home, so die die must buy at least 1 pack!

Buy from them, they will pack your shopping goods into boxes for FREE. Of cos lah, earn so much!

Most of us de luggages seemed to explode, overweight! But luckily is group check-in, so no fine. The only thing i like about tour group, lol!

Tax refund is only 3%, i don't bother to get back my refund cos it's too troublesome. (Must show everything to them!!!)

Some food while waiting for our flight becos it was delayed (again) and we didn't have lunch. 

Asiana Airlines, not bad!!!

Don't understand why people love to take pictures in such angle? Camera take sooooo high? 

We had beer!

And sprite! Jolly Shandy!!

Keep us entertained. 

Supper, due to flight delayed. Surprisingly tasty! 

11:01pm that day, we came back to reality! Kamsahamnida Seoul and all my tour mates, i had so so so much fun there! Becos of this trip, i get to know more people, nice people. Whatsapp-ed with Chelsy on Wednesday night becos i wanna ask her what's nice in Batam so i can ask ZY to buy back (Oh yah, ZY went Batam yesterday liao!). She said if we go Batam, must inform her so she can come and pick us up. And her cousin, whom's at Jakarta also said the same thing! :)

And of cos, thanks to my mum and aunt for helping me with my kids, otherwise, i wouldn't have the chance to go for holiday at ease Seoul shiokly!!! So thankful & grateful for everyone & everything! ^.^
Oh ya, thank you Mr Weather too, for being so nice to us becos it did not rain at all when we were there. You've made our shopping easier and better! :)

P/S : Have been slapping alot of products on my face these few days, LOL. Wanna test out which works the best for me! So tempted to buy more Shara Shara products from Gmart but i've soooooo many un-used yet!!! I don't know when will i finish using everything... Maybe 1 year? LOL


  1. i felt like a stalker, kept looking at your KR trip! thanks for the update ^^

  2. nope, never and maybe to plan one? urs like very fun hohoho

    1. U should go!!! I think mine the fun part is cos we get to free & easy for 2 days. I hate going on fully tour group, very rush and no time to explore our own. U can consider this package that i went (Chan Brothers), i think it's very worth! :)


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