Monday, April 22, 2013

They drive me NUTS!

21st April 2013

Hahaha, she sho heppi wearing it, wore to Caltex somemore, lolol!

So trendy, knows how to adjust sideway herself, lololol! 

20th April 2013

But give me hope and joy too! So contradicting!

As i grow older, i become less enthu to justify myself. I hate being accused/misunderstood and in the past, i'll try ways and means to justify myself. Now, i can't be bothered, even though i still quite hate it. But i'm too lazy, too lazy to explain becos i see no point explaining to people who aren't important in my life... And my morale in life now is, "WHATEVER, BO CHUP"! LOL! Try it, you'll be 10x happier than how you're now, mark my words. Being too helpful/concern is 好心没好报 one!


  1. Agree! I was accused recently of something and that colleague of mine went around spreading the untruth. I hate being accused but don't see a need to explain anymore coz it's not her first time. In front of me always act friendly. I rather she dun act.. coz I feel disgusted.

    1. Aityo, I hate actors/actresses, so disgusted with such people too. And yes, don't bother wasting your time and energy to explain. Remember "懂你的人,不必解释。不懂你的人,何必解释。"? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, thanks! Cute is cute, but sibei naughty.

  3. HI Joanne,
    Sometime kids are better than adult. Tell them once or twice they will listen. Adult is very hard. Especially man, if asked them to clean up they will say yes yes yes but leh nv move their finger. Things throw here and there. I know not all man are like that. But some is horrible. If cannot find sth, just open the drawer even if it is there just say don have. have to walk all the way to go and take it out for them. Is really getting very tiring.

    1. I've to agree with you on the "finding something" part. Their eyes don't know grow where one, everytime sure "cannot find". HOWEVER, we can find it at the same fucking area, lol. I always tell ZY, "if i can find, u better eat the whole thing down!".


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