Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Last evening, while showering, Raeann came into the room and asked if she can play the iPad for awhile... Gave her the permission to play but she must stop when i finish showering. When i came out from the toilet (which is about 5 mins later becos when she asked, i was already showering halfway), Meimei was trying to snatch the iPad from her. Told them to keep, both cannot play since they don't know how to SHARE. Meimei didn't give up, still trying to snatch the iPad...

Raeann (to meimei): Mummy 讲收,就一定要收。因为她是皇太后。
Me: Huh? 为什么我是皇太后 leh?
Raeann: 因为你很凶。皇太后永远都是那么凶的。

Thanks ah, Raeann. LOL

In their eyes, i'm one very fierce mummy and they are scare of me, only me, i think. However, i think i'm a nice mummy as well becos they both stick to me like leeches even though i'm so fierce towards them. Which means, i've proven myself right on something. Which is, i don't have to give in to whatever they want in order for them to respect and love me. Giving them proper disciplines is the greatest form of love, IMO!

People often ask me, "how can you bear to cane your kids?" And i always reply, "WHY NOT? If mis-behaved, must discipline!".

My kids are not the best nor very obedient, i know. But at least, when i'm around, they dare not 'sng siao' with me. When i say NO, it means a firm NO. Ask/whine further, they'll get it from me. When it comes to kids discipline, nobody in the house dare to say/do anything when i get really really mad. Not trying to boast how "powerful" am i, but i'm certainly VERY firm with my own stand. Becos, i can still lock the kids inside the room and discipline them, people outside can break the door, i don't care.

Punishment, nobody dare to go near, lolol. (Pic taken long time ago!)

I took this pic and sent to ZY, to let him know how ridiculous his daughter was. 

No, don't have to praise/criticize my ways of disciplining my kids, i'm not fishing for that. Becos they're MY kids, i know what i should do, as their mum. I don't have to prove/impress the whole world on what a great mummy i am or how blessed i am cos of the things my kids did for me. Becos they know and i know, others need not have to know!

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