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Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER

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Eucerin® has been around since 1898. 
Our Philosophy of Dermo-Cosmetic Skin Care

Eucerin is the dermatologist-recommended skin care brand based on honest skin science. It sustains and restores skin’s health and gives you the confidence of a healthy radiant skin.

Through working with dermatologists and using advanced technological expertise, Eucerin guarantees reliable and highly effective product innovations on highest dermatological standards. By choosing active ingredients and requiring clinical proof, Eucerin is synonymous for excellent product quality and the combination of effectiveness and superior skin tolerability.

With its medical knowledge, skin competence and cosmetic dedication Eucerin is the one skin care brand that delivers a holistic “dermo-cosmetic” approach.

Backed up with more than 100 years of Beiersdorf research, Eucerin enhances outer beauty, inner serenity and selfconfidence. Delivering visibly healthier, radiant skin, EUCERIN® is the only brand that stands for MEDICAL SKIN SCIENCE THAT SHOWS.

How lucky i am again, to get sponsored and have the honor to share about NEW Eucerin® products here...

NEW Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER
Fights all 4 factors of Acne!

P/S : Eucerin® was very kind to include a set of make-up removers, thank you so much! :) Their Waterproof Eye Make-up remover works well!

Initially, i was quite reluctant to take up this sponsorship especially after i saw the word "scrub", because my face can't take any "scrubbing" products. Tried many but none works, i'll end up getting breakouts!!! NIGHTMARES LOR!

Till after my sis told me that this brand - Eucerin® is safe for sensitive skin and reading more about them, all my "uneasiness" went away and in fact, i can't wait to try the products. (Cos i received the products 1-2 days before i left for Korea, so i decided to try + do this review after my trip! So sorry for the delay!)

An innovative skin care line against acne is now available, suitable for either medicinal skin care alone, or accompanying a medical therapy. Eucerin Skin Research worked closely together with dermatologists when developing the new skin care line and accounted for dermatological demands in this modern skin care line. 

There are four factors responsible for the visible symptoms of acne:
  1. Cornification at the opening of the sebaceous-gland follicle (called hyperkeratosis) 
  2. Excess sebum production (seborrhoea)
  3. Proliferation of acne bacteria (Proionibacterium acnes)
  4. Resulting in inflammation 
*Depending on the expression of individual symptoms, there are various degrees of severity: from blemished skin all the way to full-blown acne. 

Not every person suffering from acne has the same skin needs. And that’s why there is not only one product to solve the problem for everyone. “The varying symptoms of acne respond differently to various active ingredients”, explains Stefanie Conzelmann at Eucerin Skin Research. With the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER skin care line, now for the first time, all four factors of acne are taken into account that are involved in the formation of acne symptoms: the seven-product line contains a combination of the active ingredients latic acid, L-carnitine, decandiol and licochalcone A.

  • Lactic acid has a keratolytic and comedolytic action, i.e. it is able to dissolve thickened epidermal cells caused by acne, as well as comedones. It thereby addresses the first factor of blemished skin and promotes an improved flow of sebum. At the same time, lactic acid enables better penetration of the other ingredients. Unlike the usual salicylic acid, lactic acid contains NMFs (natural moisturizing factors), which provide the skin with urgently needed moisture.
  • L-carnitine regulates the production of sebum by promoting the uptake of fatty acids in the mitochondria, converting them into energy. Thus, the fatty acids can no longer be converted into sebum, and the amount of sebum is substantially reduced. L-carnitine is an amino-acid-like substance found in the skin. Localized application of L-carnitine on the skin can significantly reduce the amount of sebum.
  • Decandiol is known for its excellent antimicrobial properties, especially against Propionibacterium acnes: the proliferation rate of the acne bacterium is markedly reduced, as early as 24 hours after using decandiol. At the same time, the active ingredient provides moisture to the skin.
  • The plant-derived active ingredient, licochalcone A, has a skin soothing and antibacterial effect. What’s more, the natural antioxidant protects the skin cells against environmental stress by neutralizing UV-induced free radicals.

With this combination of active ingredients, Eucerin DermoPURIFYER products provide the basis for improving blemished skin ad healing acne. Clinical studies show clear results: After 4 to 12 weeks of consistently using the appropriate Eucerin DermoPURIFYER products, volunteers demonstrated a significant improvement in their acne symptoms. 

No wonder i find it's scent abit weird lah, cos it's Soap & Fragrance FREE. Skin doesn't feels dry at all after cleansing!!!

This smells good! Unlike some scrubbing products, skin doesn't feels dry after scrubbing, feels smooth and moisturized instead.

This smells great too! Applied this after Cleanser and Scrub, my skin literally brightens up. I'm looking at myself in the mirror now, you won't believe it, my face looks so bouncy now. LOL

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skin Care Line 
To effectively fight the visible symptoms of acne, the skin expert recommends three products as must-haves: the cleansing gel, moisturizing care and active night care: “This enables all four factors of blemished skin to be addressed effectively. The proven cover stick and the facial tonic are, of course, also indispensible products. The Active Concentrated Serum is a care plus for those who want to further enhance the performance of the products.”

All products in the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER System Care line are compatible with all commonly used acne medication and suitable for all needs (minor blemishes, combination skin, oily skin, blemished skin, acne). The efficacy and tolerability of all the products have been scientifically proven in extensive clinical studies in affected patients.

The Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range is available at most leading pharmacies, Guardian, Watsons, Unity, hospital retail pharmacies and National Skin Centre.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER running a promotion only at Watsons, with an additional savings of 43%, instead of $45.80 for the Cleanser & Scrub set, it’s now only $25.90 from now till 24 April! WOW!!! What a steal!!! Mai tu liao... 


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