Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flush out all the toxics!!!

Today, i officially started on a 15 days DETOX PROGRAM, weight as of this morning: 49kgs! (Shit, put on 1 freaking kg, must have snacked too much, lol!)

Well, i'm NOT on diet, but i think i've too much toxics in my body and i need to flush them out. And this program allows me to EAT AS USUAL, and of cos, i'll be eating as usual, lolol.

Okay, my cousins and sis are on another detox program now too. But she told me that they aren't allow to eat anything except drinking some weird drink for the first few days. And i was like, "WHAT? Cannot eat anything? Don't eat sure can slim down right? Then when you eat, the weight will go back again?". I don't know. To me, diet cannot be so extreme. IMO, extreme diet will cause one to look very tired and haggard!

ZY don't allow me to go on diet becos he said i'm slim enough, hahahahaha! Anyway, let's see how much i will lose at the end of 15 days (how much kgs of toxics i have)!


These are how much we've bought! Hahaha, FULL. 

They said this is damn good and i must agree! Tried it last night! :)

Caramel biscuit from Cold Storage! YUMMY!

Received my Black Box!!! Have you receive yours?

Okay, i need to clarify something. I just saw that this box is addressed to "Joanne Raeann", which means, is a courtesy sent to my blog, not me! So the stuffs inside are different and more! I guess i'll receive another one within these few days under my own subscription! Thank you, BlackBox! Sign up now if you have not done so!


  1. Hi may i know what 15 days DETOX PROGRAM u having? Mind share? I want to flush out my toxic too. I eat as usual but only in no out even out is so hard. Thank u

    1. Mind to email me? I'm not gonna post here becos it's my first time trying and i don't know if it works? Later people blame me for wrong introduction! =X


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