Monday, April 29, 2013

Ho Family Day :: Iron Man 3

Yesterday morning, i asked the kids to "dig" their father up to bring them for breakfast, becos we haven done so for quite some time. And well, the "best father ever" (deemed by himself) woke up to do so! :) Upon Raeann's request, we made an impromptu decision to go for 'Iron Man 3' after our brunch. (By the time all of us bathed and changed, it's already 11+am!)

Breakfast @ Malaysia Boleh!

"Where's my food?" LOL

Iron Man 3

Caught the 3D one! Meimei LOVE wearing the spectacle lor, she was wearing it all the way until she fell asleep, lol. As usual lah, eat eat eat, then sleep, hahaha! ZY kept saying that she looked so funny and cute wearing that spectacle. Cute is cute lah, but she's super duper extremely mischievous! Sigh~

Not bad, quite funny, at least i didn't fall asleep! =x

I think i mentioned before, that i dislike watching angmo movies. But this, at least i understand 3/4 of the movie, even though i didn't watch part 1 and 2. LOL @ the "limited edition" Dora watch, hahahah!

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