Sunday, April 21, 2013

海底捞火锅 :: LADURÉE :: TWC @ Dempsey

Met up with my "long lost sister" yesterday, amazed that we can do so much stuffs within sucha few hours! Love meeting up with her becos she's a food guru, she always bring me around to try all the nice food and every single time, I was never disappointed. Given that I'm sucha a mountain turtle who is always stuck in the west side of SG after I got married, I always have no idea where to go when meeting up with friends. So it's great to be blessed with sucha friend becos i don't have to think, and she will lead the way! :)

P/S : Know why I termed her as my "long lost sister"? Lolol. Becos every single time when I posted our photos, I'll receive comments that we look alike. Not only from my friends, but from hers as well. It's funny cos we don't feel so. I think it's only in photos. Those who met us IRL won't feel so too.

She's getting hitched in Nov and I'm super excited to be invited as one of her "sisters". I wonder why everytime my close friends got married, I'll be more excited than the time I became a bride? Haha! About 6 months left to slim down, so stress!

P/S : I'm searching for a short evening dress to wear for her dinner. Anyone has intro? Please let me know k? Thanks!

Here's what we did yesterday... Drove my dad's car home while my mum took my car so she can help me pick meimei with the car seat inside my car. Without my mum (& aunt), i don't have the chance to go out at all, becos nobody else except them can/will help me!!

Then Cheryl came to pick me up at my place as she was nearby! Becos we're staying quite near each other and it's kinda stupid to drive two cars out, unless she's already in town, then i'll drive to meet her. I never like to trouble people. So when people offered to pick me up, i'll "repay" them with a dinner/drinks treat.


She brought me here for dinner!

We reached there around 5+pm and we got a table immediately, don't have to queue... Heard from Cheryl that she has once queued for 2 hours before. The crowds, omg, spectactular. But not bad to be on the waiting list leh, becos they provide free dessert/snack corner and MANICURE for waiting customers. Very good idea and customer service! I'm planning to bring my mum there next week! Hee

How? Got look alike anot? LOL

Placing orders with an iPad, lolol.

The moment we sat down, we were "served" with hot towels to clean our hands. Ordered their plum drink at S$3.00 FREE FLOW. And they're very fast hand fast leg, becos i was never "ran out" of my plum drink. I drank half only, they refilled, sibei observant one! Then they will ask if you wanna change a new plate if they see your plate dirty. Impressive customer service, HIGHLY recommended. (Cheryl said i'll definitely be impressed by their customer service and indeed, I AM!)

P/S : Even their toilet bowls have heater lor! LOL

P/P/S : Free flow desserts corner.

Everyone will be given an apron and this plastic, to put our hp in for protection.
(So that the soup won't be able to spill on it, so meticulous can!)

Their "white" soup is SUPER DUPER DELICIOUS, i bet you will think so too (if you try before).
But their "ma la" is too oily, i don't like! =X 

Helping us with the prawn paste! Super efficient! You don't have to lay a finger yourself. With this kind of customer services, they then have the right to charge additional 10% service charge to the bill. Don't understand why we should pay additional 10% service charge to those restuarants with fucked up customer services huh?

So special~

And here comes the interesting part...

 This is how they serve their 拉面!!!

Very Q, super love it! (Abit like mee hoon kuey!)

SUPER FULL, we managed to clear off everything! Too yummy to be left over! And we're sibei ZHUN, becos we can eat till $100 NETT, no cents at all. Hahahaha! Cheryl insisted paying me back but I insisted not to take the money from her. And so, she insisted treating me to macarons... LOL! (Oh yes, I'm very generous to people who don't "gei gao" with me. But if you "gei gao" with me, I doubt I'll ever meet you again, lol!)

Saw the board? The waiting list (with tons of people waiting at another area) when we left! They don't take in reservation! So, if you wish to try, GO EARLIER! (Best is before 6pm!)

Then, we proceeded to TAKA, wanting to get the current most raved macarons; LADURÉE.

Look at the freaking queue... LOL! We saw the queue and decided not to join in the madness becos we are not a fan of macarons. (Had my first macarons from RWS and it sucks, super sweet. Tried a few other "brands", not nice as well.) Walked around, had nowhere in mind to go, joined in the madness lor! 15-20 mins of queuing time (I'm not one who will queue to follow the crowd, so 15-20 mins to me is very long liao), and I just wanna say...

No regret AT ALL becos it's so so so so yummy! Not sweet at all! 8 pcs for about $30, quite ex hor, for just a few small pieces of biscuit, lolol. But I'll buy it again, for sure! ^.^ (Maybe ask ZY to bring us to TAKA tomorrow, hee!)

Passed by this sweet potato stall which QQ was raving about and I bought the last two!!!

Very soft and yummy, skin can be eaten one leh!

Ended the night with a bottle of lychee wine...

And ikan bilis + peanut, lolol!

I'm really thankful to have this friend; a good friend who understands my situtation and always very steady when i asked her out, even if it's last minute! Also very grateful that she puts in efforts to keep me as her friend, she asked me out for dinner many times but i can't make it cos it's too last minute.

I'm not a good friend, but i do treasure ALL the friends that has come a long way with me (and of cos, no backstabbing nor gossiping about them). If they need my help, I'll try my very best to be there for them, no matter what. As long as I made a promise, I'll deliver it, this is my principle. Cheers to this friendship! :)

P/S : I'm VERY BAD with mushy words. I WILL NOT deliberately msg my friends to tell them that "they very chio" or "i miss them" or whatever. Not that i think they're not chio or i don't miss them, but actions like these made my hair stands (i find it very 做作), so i'll never do that, unless they asked for my opinion. ALL my close friends know, I'm blessed!


  1. Aiyo, really look alike lei... more alike then your real sister wor :p

    1. Hahaha, really meh?! LOLOL! But we don't feel so leh! Weird.


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