Friday, April 26, 2013

Love my eyebrows today!

I'm sorry, you gonna see alot of my face today. 
#nofilter #noedit

Becos hor, i went to watch Korea makeup tutorials on YouTube yesterday and decided to try drawing my brows, using the method that makeup artist taught... According to him, straighter & brown eyebrows will make one look younger!!! And i must agree! (Black with arch eyebrows will look more mature!)

Disclaimer: I'm only interested in Korean skincare and cosmetics, not interested in KPOP at all. I know none of the Korean artists! 

Oh yes, that's how interested i am in makeup. Since young, this interest never die off. I'll watch tutorials and try it myself, trials and errors. I'll learn and try, until i succeed. If i don't know, i will ask or research. I won't act smart to shame myself. If you're one who like to act smart, then don't blame people for laughing at your "smartness". #justsaying

So love it! Hope i can draw like this everyday, lolol! 

Sent Raeann to school earlier as her school starts early today!
Bringing my mum for advanced Mother's day lunch soon! BYE!

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