Monday, April 8, 2013

Random photos of the sisters!

Sorting out my photo albums right now and found many photos which i wanted to post but forgot. I don't take photos of them everyday lah, only occasionally, when i feel like it.

Usually when i'm out with the kids alone, there isn't much chance for me to take photos too, cos i need to attend to them mah. At the most, i'll take 1-2 blur/ugly pictures cos you know lah, kids get bored easily, they won't keep posing nicely for you to take beautiful shots of them, unless being forced? LOL

So here, random photos from 3 weeks ago? Can't remember!

One week before i leave for Korea, cousins brought the kids to SEA Aquarium. I was at home with meimei lah, Bobo sent me these pictures!

24th March 2013; trying to balance her mini Carebear. 

30th March 2013

31st March 2013


  1. Raeann is getting prettier and Rachelle really looks like u! I've been reading your blog for very long but this is my first comment. Also expecting my #2 & I managed to get the CL u recommended. Thank u so much. I told her I got her contact from u after reading ur blog & she was very happy!

    1. Awwww!! So happy to know that!! Congrats on your #2! When's ya edd? Enjoy ya confinement with Aunty, eat more of her cooking!!! Tell her i miss her! (",)

      Thank you for reading my rubbish, lolol!

  2. My EDD is early Nov! Lol kinda kiasu to call her so soon but ppl told me must book early! Ok I will send her your regards! Maybe if she wants I can bring her to visit u after my confinement, provided she remembers where u stay.. Haha!

    1. Nope, you're right to call/book early cos good confinement lady all taken up very fast one. My hb's frd wanna book her in July, called in March, already too late, she has job already. Depends on luck also, but booking early is still better! I think I called her in Jan when I was due in Sept lor, lolol.

      I don't think Aunty knows where I stay as she isn't very familiar with SG roads, I always pick her up! But don't worry ya, I always call her every now and then one, if she's in SG, and both of us are free, we will meet for lunch de! :)

      I miss her 猪脚醋!!! She told me to drink more of the 醋, easier to slim down!!


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