Monday, April 8, 2013

Movie Saturday; The Croods

Without the daddy!!! 

I'm given two complimentary GV Movie Money by EK Media for doing their reviews. Initially, ZY jio-ed me to watch the dunno what Joe, but that time, that show wasn't out yet, so i "escaped" from it, hahaha. I'm not a movie person and i extremely hate watching angmo movies unless it's comedy. Becos most of the time, i don't understand what they're talking about and i'll end up falling asleep inside, lolol. ZY, on the contrary, LOVES watching movies. Really cannot understand how we ended up together since we don't have much common interests.

Since the daddy wasn't around over last weekend, i decided to bring the kids out for a movie. Checked out the movie lists on Friday and randomly decided on this...

Rating : 4/5 
Quite a funny show, worth watching!!! 

Becos that's the only cartoon. But we didn't use the GV Movie Money to get our tickets in the end becos if we uses that, have to get another ticket for Raeann at $11.50. Bo hua cos GV has the promotion now; 2 adults = 1 kid free. 

I already combed nicely for her! But she went to take comb and comb herself in front of the mirror, and she told me "美", pointing to her hair, LOLOL. (I posted this on FB liao, but her expression is too funny, i need to share it here too!)

Changed to this wallet on Friday night, i love the color, so vibrant! But i'm not used to the size! I've been using long wallet for years and i like my notes to be straight now! See how bah, maybe i'll sell this away and buy the long version. I haven open up the MCM bag yet lor! Oops! Major clearing my pre-loved stuffs now, anyone interested? I'm gonna sell ALL my LV away, at very low price!

Xuan Xuan's first movie, i was quite worried actually, worried that she cannot keep still!!! (OMG, she is 200x more 'buay si tiam' than her sister lor!) But Raeann went to ask JJ along, with her help, everything became much easier! Thank you, Jing! ^.^

Meimei ate popcorns happily during the 1st half of the movie and fell asleep during the 2nd half, lolol!! Raeann was laughing so loudly inside. This pattern don't know learn from who sia! Tested and proven, i can bring meimei for more movies from now on!!! 

She's ONLY interested in bears and balls.

Want to open the cupboard in Popular, but must see if anyone's looking at her first anot!

Dinner time! They finished one whole bowl of rice themselves!

As usual lah, meimei's area has lotsa rice around, i wanted to feed her but she insisted to eat herself. Raeann wanted me to feed her but i insisted her to eat herself. Look at the way she sits! Like one 'sum seng po'!!! Buay tahan! 


Nothing much, just that i wanna take an afternoon nap but this girl with big eyes, big pupil & big 黑眼圈 was so energetic!!! She saw me closing my eyes only, she gave me a huge "piak" on my chest & called "mummy" so loudly to wake me up! Le sigh~ But i still love her loads anyway!

ZY's back last night, with my favorite Kuey Lapis!!! He said he dotes on my alot becos he carried the HEAVY Kuey Lapis all the way back, heavy die him! -.-"

And hor, this Raeann ah, damn good at breaking ZY's heart. You know what she told him the moment she saw him???

"Wah, Pa, 你不在 hor, 我们很乖勒. Mummy 带我们去看戏, 那个戏很好看, super 好笑, hahahaha, 你没有得看, jealous 吗?"

My parents 'arm chio' at the side, lolol!

P/S : I'm still testing those skincare/cosmetics products and consolidating a list out, will post it here and share with you guys what awesome skincare/cosmetics i discovered from Korea!!! Don't worry, confirm inexpensive & affordable becos i can't bear to spend alot of money on skincare/cosmetics. Product like SK-II, i never test before (even though i bought for my mum before) becos i know i won't buy for myself. Yes, women need to spend to look pretty, but it doesn't mean that expensive = good. Some inexpensive products work wonder too! =P

By not splurging on all these, i can save alot every month. Save save save, then do investments, buy bags & go holidays! That's my life! AWESOME isn't it?? =)

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