Monday, April 15, 2013

The weekend!

Whenever someone (especially ex-friends) whom used to be an avid reader of my blog claimed that "they don't read my blog anymore becos they're not interested in my life", i'll be like, "oh really? LOL but whatever".

I'm not saying that i'm interesting/popular but it ain't easy for human to change their habit/routine away, overnight? Stats doesn't lie. I know who are still reading my blog, but i just can't be bothered.

Anyway, here's what i did over the weekend...


Have turned into a skincare junkie after my trip and i swear it helps! Bringing meimei to register for playgroup! ^.^ The husband's driving so i can take photo, haha! Well, i can actually go and register for her myself, but why should i? Kids aren't mine alone. He's busy, so am i, so there's no excuse for him. I'm nice enough to send/pick the kids alone everyday. All these "important" kids issues, i'll make sure he tags along. Demanding? Whatever. I always tell him, "if everything you want me to do alone, then u can just go, we don't need you anymore". Sorry but i won't pretend to be a sweet & good wife in front of his friends too, becos it's too tiring to live to impress others. Others' opinions doesn't matter to me, at all. 

Redeemed the Popeyes Groupon at IMM on Friday evening, added on some side orders too. I prefer Popeyes to KFC becos the chicken is softer but smaller. And i love love love their buttermilk biscuits! *drools* Saw many friends there that very evening, lol! 


Due to some reason, ZY gave me $50. I went to buy 4D 2244 and 2440, but opened 2400 on Saturday, i think and i haven see Sunday result yet, lolol! Seldom buy 4D nowadays so seldom look at the results too! Used that $50 to buy ingredients to cook for him and thy family! =D

Food shopping @ Sheng Siong!

Eyesight Nourishing Soup + Claypot Rice

End up, i gotta 'toh tiap', lol. But it's okay, becos everything was emptied!!! ZY ate the last and finished everything off. So heppi to see that! The soup wasn't that tasty becos of the strong herbal taste but Raeann finished one big bowl of it, becos i deliberately cooked it for her! And it was emptied as well, lol! =)


ZY brought us to Paragon to do 1-1 exchange of our iPhone 5. Oh please, *po pi* don't give me anymore problems!!! Super hate changing phone!!! So far so good, keeping my fingers crossed. 


Super enjoy hor? I asked them to tell her that mummy's gonna take cane and she still pose and take pic to show me! (Angeline sent me these pics, thank u! ^.^)

The 3rd box of kuey lapis ZY just passed me. Alamak, love to eat also cannot eat so much de mah. He's making me to have phobia of kuey lapis lor. Then ah, he will tell the whole world he loves me so much cos he keeps buying kuey lapis for me as he knows it's my favorite!!! -.-" 

Rushing my yearly affair now!!! #notasfreeasyouthink

P/S : Seriously, all the "silent readers" on my blog is urging me to turn this blog "silent" too. Yes, i did say before that i blog for my own sake and since it's for my own sake, why should i open up my life to public? And allow those haters to read? Wait till i get an answer to that...


  1. Aiyoh u thrive for yourself not haters.. They are called
    Haters cos their life is full of shit and hate;) I really don't understand their logic behind all these shit they stir u know.. But if u do keep ur blog silent please let me know ok? Very busy with work but I still read ur blog ;) hehehe

    1. Heehee, not shutting it down lah, but just don't feel like blogging personal stuffs much anymore. Adverts and reviews will still be posted. But this blog will turn into one commercial blog, which i don't really want it to happen. Sigh~

  2. i think can insert pw on certain blog post? then only readers with that pw can access but u will be busy la cuz i will keep whatsapp u for pw :x

  3. i didnt try but may be need see if there is any this function like protected post/ password protected.


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